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Only Call Me When You're Sober: The Struggle with Weak Erections
Have you recently cleaned up your act, but your sex life is still suffering? A cock ring might be just the tool you need to keep it up.
As we probably already know, regular use of illegal narcotics can take a pretty serious toll on our bodies. Many people will come out on the other side of addiction with residual problems. Some are reversible and minor, but others are not so easily fixed. Some recovering addicts have lost their hair, some have rotted their teeth away, and most have done major damage to their livers. Although it may seem harsh, this is the reality for any recovering drug addict. However, there is one left-over affliction of drug use that doesn't seem to get much attention.
Drugs Are Not The Answer
Erectile dysfunction can be summoned up because of various causes, but did you know that drug use is pretty close to the top of that list? It is understandable that, while under the heavy influence of drugs, having sex is probably the last thing on one's mind. In fact, most addicts would probably say that getting high is considerably better than merely having sex...Though I can't really seem to wrap my head around that one.
Regular drug use will most likely do some kind of damage to your love life. And unfortunately, sometimes simply getting sober is just not enough to ward off any sexual frustrations.
Hugs Not Drugs
The problem that a lot of male recovering addicts have when it comes to sex, is really just getting and staying hard. Some are able to achieve an initial erection, but are not able to sustain it throughout a typical session of intercourse.
Enter the cock ring. Now, when I say cock ring, I don't mean those not-so-pleasant looking metal rings that you might have seen hanging around the dark corner of an adult toy shop. What I mean is the new and improved rings made out of softer materials such as silicone and rubber.
Trust me, you won't have to rummage through gimp masks, whips, and chains in order to find the kind of cock rings I'm talking about. Most likely, you'll be able to find them by the great wall of vibrators. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and the best part about them...It's cheaper than any male growth hormone out on the market.
The Cock Ring Express
If you've never used a ring such as this, they might seem a little intimidating, but they are actually pretty easy to use. Once you have reached a state of arousal and you are happy with your erection length, slip your erect penis through the ring. You'll want to be sure that the ring is secure at the base of your penis.
Cock rings work by trapping the blood that is forced into the chambers of the shaft of the penis. (TRY: Cock Rings For Drug Ruined Erections) It will also concentrate the circulation of blood within the penis, which will greatly heighten the sensitivity factor.
Getting sober is a major accomplishment no matter what people say. Once you've been through hell and back, I can only imagine how much a little rough and tumble might help get you through the hard times. Cock rings are here to help.

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