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I was invited to a little get-together the other day and since I was a pretty hungry (it was a Bar-B-Que party) I went over. After arriving, I was promptly handed a drink when I heard a bunch of yelling and all sorts of other commotion coming from the living room area. I almost thought it was a fight and was about to leave but curiosity got the best of me so I investigated further.
I peeked around the living room archway and found about five or six men jumping around up and down and in and out of their seats. They were watching a Mixed Martial Arts bout. One of the guys quickly explained to me (without taking his eyes off of the big screen TV) that this was no ordinary match; it was a championship bout.
Blowing the Load
As I gazed up at the screen I noticed that one of the fighters was taller and lankier looking and his opponent was more of the muscular/compact variety. The two adversaries circled each other, peppering one another with punches and kicks in a wicked dance of destruction. The shorter fighter suddenly rushed forward and tried to get ahold of his opponent’s thin legs, but was unsuccessful. Then he tried again…and again…and again.
After numerous failed takedown attempts, the stocky fighter seemed to take deep, labored breathes, and that’s when his scrappy enemy closed in and dispatched the shorter foe with a series of well-placed punches and elbows. Mr. Muscles went down in a blaze of destruction whereupon his lanky adversary turned and raised his hands into the air victoriously, while one of the men in the living room yelled “he blew his load too fast with all of those takedown attempts!”
The Battle Within
Similar to the Mixed Martial Arts battle outlined above, men can unwittingly go to battle with their own bodies when they engage in too much self-sexy time. When a man jacks his member off excessively without giving himself enough time between sessions to heal, he can throw his body into a “fight or flight” stage, which is normally in reaction to an extreme threat or emergency situation.
When the body becomes switched over into this stage it can cause the adrenal system to overstimulate the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, while also causing the constriction of arteries within not only the brain, but also the genitals including the penis and prostate.
As this occurs, the body becomes exhausted of vital neurochemicals and androgen hormones. Meanwhile, prostaglandin E-2, epinephrine norepinephrine, and glutamate, flood the body and cause severe inflammation of the entire lower abdominal cavity, including the lower back, bladder, kidneys, liver, and genitals.
This may also cause a weakening of the parasympathetic nervous system which controls the ejaculation valve, leading to problems controlling urinations and/or premature ejaculations. This can lead to you wishing you were in the cage with a UFC fighter rather than facing down a furious sex partner. Popping off too fast isn’t exactly great for your sex life. So how do you turn things around?
The Cum-Back Trail
The first step that you take should be to cease all hand contact with your wee-wee. Yes, that means no whacking for a while! How long? Forever…just kidding…seriously though – at least until your symptoms begin to go away. This will give your poor little over-worked ejaculation valve a little time off so that it can begin to heal.
To complete the healing process completely however, men have found massive success in taking a potent herbal remedy. (TRY: Natural Herbal Remedy for Ejaculation Control) These mixtures contain ingredients which can calm and re-stabilize an overactive adrenal system. Not only that – they can also quell anxiety, lower overall stress, minimize irritability, lesson nervousness, and provide you with a sense of improved clarity and focus.
As these beneficial factors are at play, the powerful botanicals can also vastly improve your blood circulation and deliver nutrients to your damaged parasympathetic nervous system and aid in healing it. In time, as your ejaculation valve is repaired, you can see a return to being able to control your climaxes once again. So put an end to “blowing your load” too quickly and regain the ability to deliver those knockout blows when the time is right for you to do so!

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