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Five Surprising and Slightly Gross Facts About the Male Libido
We know that men love sex. That's certainly no mystery, but nevertheless, we tend to oversimplify the male libido. We liken it to a primitive caveman impulse: “Me horny; me want woman!” But the male libido is a highly complex phenomenon, and it's time we started affording it its due credit. You know that it's governed by erections, hormones and messy ejaculations, but here are some facts about the male libido that you may not be aware of.
Five Interesting Facts
  1. About two-thirds of men admit to masturbating, according to WebMD, but that's not the interesting part (if you're stunned by the fact that a majority of guys masturbate, you need to get out more). What's interesting is that about half of men admit to feeling guilty about masturbating. The reasons for this are highly diverse: religious sensibilities, social pressures (“If you could get laid, you wouldn't be doing the one-handed dance”) and a sensed need to hide the behavior from one's partner.
  2. One survey cited by WebMD found that 62 percent of priests admitted to engaging in sexual activity. Apparently that vow of celibacy isn't so easy to honor. As an interesting side note, about 49 percent of nuns also admitted to having engaged in some form of sexual activity. So don't underestimate the female libido either.
  3. The male libido does have its limitations. For men, diminished sex drive can result from stress, age, the use of certain medications or even excess masturbation. In many cases, the libido loss can be treated by herbal preparations that boost testosterone and dopamine receptors, but it's nice to know that the male sex drive isn't completely unquenchable.
  4. Most men believe that low testosterone is the primary cause of lost sex drive in men. This hormone can certainly play a major role for many guys, but a more common cause is dopamine deficiency. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter most directly linked to the sensation of sexual pleasure.
  5. The average male orgasm lasts approximately 22 seconds. This duration is almost identical to the average length of a female orgasm, although women are capable of experiencing more orgasms within a short period of time. Guys tend to shoot once and then collapse like a tranquilized animal. Any guy will tell you, though, that an orgasm is worth the collapse.
The More You Know
Now that we've deeply probed into the sticky world of the male libido, hopefully you feel all the wiser. So next time someone asks you if you've learned anything interesting this week, just look them right in the eyes and say, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I learned that the male orgasm is similar to a bear tranquilizer, and that nuns enjoy having sex just as much as everyone else.” Come to think of it, you may not want to articulate your response quite like that, but you get the idea.

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