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Bent All Out of Shape – Straightening Things Out Using Powerful Techniques
Don was a practical 33 year old man. He was active in sports and enjoyed working out as well. His dating life was fine; he had a regular rotation of women who were okay with his open lifestyle since he told them from the beginning that he was concentrating on his career. Ones that started nagging him to change, or tried to derail his business goals and aspirations quickly got the axe.
One day while walking in a local park he met Biyu, a young Chinese girl in her 20s who had only been in the United States for a few years. Unlike many American women Don had met, Biyu was more supportive of his goals and didn’t seem to want to sabotage him. As they became closer, she would also cook for him and give him massages.
After they had sex he could tell by her expression that she was concerned about his severely curved penis. It had also caused her some discomfort since it angled off to the right. He confided in her that the curvature had been a recent development and he wasn’t quite sure why it had happened. One day while hanging out in the park, Biyu told him that she had learned some methods from China that may help his issue, but Don scoffed at the notion while looking at Tai Chi practitioners going through their early morning exercises.
After doing a little research on his own, Don came around to being more open to Biyu’s suggestions, and she brought him over some potent herbal mixtures. She also taught him a special technique which stimulated a course correction for his penis. Within a few months, Don watched his penis with astonishment as it began to straighten out, and he reminded himself to be more open-minded in the future.
An Inconvenient Organ
It’s rough out there for men. Unlike women, men’s reproductive organs stick straight out there just waiting to get whacked or otherwise harmed. Each and every year, men get their penises injured (usually blunt-force trauma) while playing sports or fighting in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), on the job (especially labor intensive ones), or even just getting it caught in their zippers (ouch!). Men who are especially imaginative can also get their members bend at unnatural angles while trying to perform kinky sex position, and wind up with a pretzel penis.
Whatever the case may be, a penis injury can cause the buildup of scar tissue within the fibrous sheath of the penis and cause it to calcify and harden. The penis can become more rigid on one particular side and begin to bend in that direction since the other, softer side, will tend to turn toward the more hardened one. Women who aren’t that understanding can (and most like will) opt out of any sort of hanky-panky since they don’t want to have their vagina’s inner walls perforated by a dagger d*ck. So how can this issue be tackled head on?
Knowledge of the Ancients for a Modern Society
For many generations, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been applying their considerable knowledge and techniques to people who are afflicted to a whole plethora of issues. These can range from mood swings and depression issues, to physical ailments and even sexual dysfunctions.
One such technique which is great for a man’s sexual health and penis recovery is Huiyin’s Massage. (SEE: Performing Huiyin Massage) This sacred practice was specifically designed and conceived of to provide penile wellness and promote reparations from injury.
Huiyin’s Massage is used to connect the different points along the Functioning Energy Channel which originate from beneath the pelvic bone and rise upward through the center line of the body. If you have some images of having an ancient Chinese man throwing acupuncture pins at you like darks while blindfolded, then you can put thoughts thoughts away and relax. Not only can you perform the massage on yourself, but it’s quite easy to do. Here’s how:
  • Step 1: Make sure that you wash off your hands – you don’t want to infect yourself with any germs!
  • Step 2: Take your middle finger and locate the point between the end of your scrotum and your anus.
  • Step 3: Begin massaging this point with your middle finger in a circular motion with light pressure – do this for five minutes.
  • Step 4: (for advanced practitioners – we will provide a video of this step soon): Close your eyes and concentrate. Imagine your bio energy traveling up from your Huiyin spot and through each of your body’s meridians. Inhaling and exhaling slowly from your stomach (not chest) will allow your energy to inundate these meridians, as well as your abdomen, with the flow of pure healing energy.
To complement this technique, there are a number of herbal remedies which can accelerate not only the straightening of a curved penis AKA Peyronie’s Disease, but can also stimulate cellular growth within penile tissues for gains in size! It pays to be open minded, doesn’t it?
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