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Scoring a Touchdown for Your Sex Drive – Zinc Style!
Sam was a pretty popular guy on the college campus; he was tall, athletic, and was a star player on the school football team. He definitely had his pick of many of the prime chicks on campus, that’s for sure. Recently however, Sam had been injured during a football practice session in which he tore a knee ligament. He was sure that he’d recover from it soon since he was still young and healthy, but in the meantime he’d have to wait things out and not strain himself.
In fact, Sam did quite the opposite; although he’d limp to his classes, the rest of the time he’d mope around his dorm room, pigging out on chips and drinking beer. For dinner he’d usually either order pizza or jump into his car and ride over to a fast food joint for burgers, chicken strips, and the like.
The Big Chance
One of Sam’s top sexual prospects on his list of girls he wanted to bang was Mona. For some strange reason (one which he couldn’t quite fathom) Mona presented a challenge. She largely ignored his advances and wouldn’t fall for the same games he’d pull on other girls on campus. She was tall and had a perfect hourglass figure, so he’d find himself frequently jacking off at the thought of nailing her.
For whatever reason, one day while Sam lay in bed watching TV, Mona called him up and wanted to see if he needed company since she’d heard he was injured. He hopped at the chance and invited her over. After she arrived in a skimpy outfit including bootie shorts which had half of her well-tanned butt cheeks exposed, Sam invited her to sit on his bed and watch some sports.
After some perfunctory small talk, the two found themselves making out and groping each other and eventually they ripped each other’s clothes off. Sam mounted Mona as her legs spread wide open and he fidgeted with his soft penis in order to attempt to insert it into her waiting vagina. When that didn’t work, Mona grabbed his member and stroked it herself in order to try and get a rise out of him.
When it became obvious that nothing would get him aroused, she unceremoniously dropped his limp penis, threw her clothes on, and stormed out of his dorm room. Same found himself even more down than before now that he knew word would spread that he had erection problems...
Sam’s not alone in his ordeal; hundreds of thousands of men each year suffer the same fate, relegated to a life of impotence. Since younger men are thought to encapsulate sexual virility and vigor they can be especially hard hit by this sexual dysfunction since they are perceived to have no excuse, being in their sexual prime.
Just as Sam downgraded his diet after becoming injured so do many men eat crappy foods such as junk foods and fast food. These highly tampered with and processed foods contain diminished amounts of vitamins and nutrients, including sparse amounts of zinc, and even though this important mineral is less common than say, sodium and calcium, it’s still very important.
Men who have diets which are low in zinc have been known to suffer from a drastically reduced sex drives, erectile dysfunction, and eventually impotence. A lack of zinc can also lead to being more susceptible to illnesses and diseases, as well as dermatological issues such as acne, herpes outbreaks, prematurely aging skin, and prostatitis. So how can you get more zinc into your life?
Assaulting Yourself
Try making some changes in your diet and switch to foods which are high in zinc, including organic spinach, watermelon and flax seeds, garlic, kidney beans, free range beef and lamb (if you can find it anymore), and of course oysters.
Most men need an additional supplement to meet their zinc needs may want to take a zinc-based solution. (SEE: All-Natural Formulas for Low Sex Drive) These can help to dilate the blood vessels around the prostate and penis, allowing for increased blood flow and not only larger erections, but also the promotion of prostate health. They can also inhibit the factors that lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Zinc is also a mineral which is known to be a precursor to the production of testosterone. Since testosterone powers your sex drive it can aid in the rejuvenation of your libido and put an end to moping around and feeling sorry for yourself, due to not being able to get it up.
So the next time that you get an opportunity like Sam did, make sure that you’re locked, cocked, and ready to rock and score a touchdown every time!
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