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No Good Night Sleep if You Are Sexually And Mentally Exhausted

Kids pass out on the floor and wake up in their beds. Adults pass out in their beds and wake up on their floors. When alcohol is not a factor, some adults may not be able to pass out anywhere. According to studies, 1 in 4 adults suffer from sleep disorders, and with 1/3 of human life spent asleep, it helps to resolve a sleep problem as quickly as possible. 

Most sleep disorders are attributed to chemical imbalances, but few studies have been able to prove the causes for these imbalances. A common sleep issue adults experience is constant fatigue—even after 7 or 8 hours of rest. As more research gets published, scientists are speculating and learning how sex may be the cause for constant fatigue.

Understand Your Sleep Cycle

Sex, like sleep, follows a cycle. Most sexual encounters occur with the initial contact—a boob grab, a penis graze or booty smack. Kissing typically follows the initial contact, and then the quick removal of clothing (or the slow removal depending on your preferences). Once the clothes are off, well … use your imagination.

Sleep follows a bit more of a didactic cycle. During the first stage of sleep, individuals slip into a light slumber. Sublet noises can awaken you while you toss and turn looking for the right spot. During the second stage, you’ve found the cold side of the pillow and your body slows the movement of your eyes and brain waves. During stages three and four, your body enters into deep sleep, the stage where the body experiences the most rejuvenation and restoration. Except exhausted individuals do not enter deep sleep as long as other individuals. The reason? Most exhausted individuals lack a special kinds of sleep-inducing chemical known as adenosine. 

An Exhausted Liver

Your liver has multiple functions. One major role of the liver is producing hormones and breaking them down for disposal. Except individuals with exhausted livers cannot breakdown adesoine, a chemical used to transfer energy and to relax the body during sleep. Too much sex causes the body to stockpile prostaglandin E2, cortisol and adesoine. The liver must work double time to remove the added chemicals, except with a slow production cycle, the liver cannot properly do its job. Instead, the stockpile of adenosine will leave men and women unable to relax during sleep while causing mental fatigue and exhaustion issues.  

Finding Help

Since you will spend 1/3 of your life asleep, you'll want to make that time enjoyable. You may need to cut back on masturbatory and sexual activities. Next, you may want to try Sleep Deprivation Formula with SAM-e, which contains SAM-e, a chemical known for maintaining mood levels and inducing sleep. Those with mental and adrenal fatigue often have lower levels of SAM-e in their bodies. With an increase in SAM-e, individuals suffering from constant fatigue may find some respite from the tiresome mornings. So pass out on your bed--and wake up in your bed.

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