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22 and Balding: My Experience with Severe Hair Loss
Hair loss: it's not just for the cranky old men who want you to stay off their lawns. In fact, I recently received a letter from a 22-year-old guy who's already feeling the sting of male pattern baldness. Sadly, stories like these are becoming increasingly common in our porn-on-demand generation. After all, chronic masturbation no longer requires any imagination or effort. Just fire up the laptop; perform a web search for “bi-curious Russian nurses in hot tub;” and unzip your pants. With more masturbation comes greater health complications that we didn't even know we were at risk for. Well, I'll let you read the letter for yourself to see what I mean. The name of the author has been concealed to protect his identity. 
I was doing some research about hair loss causes for young people, and I found an article you wrote about over masturbation. This one really hit home for me because it's the only “cause” I've seen that might actually apply to me. I don't take any medicines; I don't have any health problems; and I'm only 22. I've been masturbating two or three times a day for about 10 years, maybe 11, and I think I may have screwed myself over. 
Your article talked a lot about the physical problems of hair loss and masturbation, but it didn't really mention the bigger issues like self-esteem and confidence. Hell, even my job life has suffered. When I was 18 and had all my hair, I could nail a job interview and get hired every time, and that was when the recession was at its worst. Now my hair is thinning, and I've been struggling to get a job for six months now. I'm not going on as many dates, and my confidence is basically shot to hell. I followed your advice and stopped masturbating every day, but my hair isn't growing back. Is there anything else I can do? As if that wasn't bad enough, I'm always tired and constantly depressed. The worst part of all this is feeling like a 22 year old in the body of a 50 year old. 
Getting to the Bottom of It 
Our friend here is understandably distraught. All of that masturbation has depleted essential neurochemicals, like DHEA and HGH. Meanwhile his testosterone is being converted to DHT, an inflammatory hormone that damages the hair follicles and causes male pattern baldness. For men ages 16 to 30, these types of hormonal imbalances contribute not only to hair loss, but also to fatigue and mood swings. 
Everything that feels good is destined to hurt us. It's true. Drug use will destroy your body and possibly kill you; excess junk food will give you a heart attack; and masturbation will leave you tired and bald. Apparently Mother Nature didn't intend for us to lie back and spend our lives indulging in extreme pleasures. Perhaps that's a good thing. 
To All Young Guys Experiencing These Issues 
If you can relate to the letter above, there's good news. You don't have to just purchase an old man sweater and accept your fate. You can take action. For starters, cut back on the masturbation. Way back. You're losing your confidence because your hair is thinning, and your hair is thinning because you masturbate too much, but losing your confidence makes you masturbate even more. See the vicious cycle here? You need to cut it off at the source (err...I don't literally mean to “cut it off”). 
Finally, you need to stimulate new growth. There are hair follicle re-growth solutions that contain natural herbs, like Cuscuta Fo Ti, Morinda, Mulberry and Suma. These aren't miracle pills. They're just botanical solutions that reduce the production of glucocorticoids, cortisol and DHT, while improving liver function and stimulating new hair follicles. You won't notice improvement overnight, but with a bit of patience and commitment, you'll start to look like your old—err, young--self again.
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