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What Does Age Have To Do With The Weak and The Premature?
It is not uncommon for men to experience weaker erections as they age—and even premature ejaculations because of a weakened erection. The symptoms you are describing: poor memory and lack of motivation, may be caused by male menopause.
Men Can Have Menopause?
Most Definitely! Male menopause occurs when the body experiences an excessive amount of aromatase or 5-alpha reductase activity. Too much of either chemical converts testosterone into estradiol or dihydrotestosterone (DHT), depleting the amount of free testosterone that powers your sex drive. 
Young men often experience a drop in testosterone caused by excessive masturbation or sex. Older men, however, can experience a decrease in testosterone due to poor diet or age.
As men age, testosterone and DHT levels decline. The decline in these levels leads to the symptoms described, including:
• Decrease in sexual desire 
• Lack of concentrate
• Moodiness
• Depression
• Lack of interest in physical activities 
• Chronic fatigue
• Nervousness and anxiety
Another underlying issue of low testosterone is often linked to obesity. Studies have shown that enzymes in fat tissues break down testosterone, thus making obese men more likely to experience male menopause. 
Now that we know the cause of the challenges you are facing (low sex drive caused by low testosterone levels leading to male menopause), we may begin finding a solution!
How Do I Combat This Problem?
It is important to check your testosterone levels and blood pressure on a regular basis. A regular checkup can detect signs of metabolic syndrome, an early indicator for either cardiovascular disease or diabetes.
To treat low testosterone, men can take a highly effective natural remedy, and diet and exercise. Herbal remedies can combat male menopause without any side effects. You should look for these active ingredients in your formulas:
• Cuscuta
• Fo Ti
• Damiana
• Ashwagandha

By taking these herbs, you can alleviate your symptoms. Cuscata, known to optimize the production of testosterone, can work with Fo Ti to signal to the nervous and endocrine system to minimize the production of alpha reductase. Damiana is known to aid in male health-enhancement and have been used by Maya Indians of the Yucatan for generations. While Ashwagandha, which is often called “libido ginseng,” helps with impotency and fertility. By incorporating a mix of these natural herbs into your daily routine, the formula may lead to a healthier life.

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