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Smoking Marijuana Makes Women Infertile
Samantha Hutchins is 29 years old and anxious to start a family. Up to this point she has taken care of herself as well as possible. She exercises regularly, eats balanced meals, abstains from alcohol and receives annual gynecological checkups. It seems she should conceive with little or no trouble. But Samantha has fertility problems and, after 10 months of trying, she cannot get pregnant.
The Common Cause of Infertility
Causes of infertility vary significantly and depend upon age and overall physical health. In men, the culprit is usually low sperm count or poor sperm quality. Women, however, are likely to have causes that run a long gamut, from lack of ovulation, irregular menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances and damage to the fallopian tubes. To further complicate the problem, most cases of female infertility require either testing or minor surgeries to detect the exact issue.
The Not So Common Cause 
Samantha, like a lot of women she knows, smokes marijuana regularly because it relaxes her after a long day at work. She smokes with her husband and friends on the weekends. And it never occurred to her this “safe” and “non-habit forming” drug would interfere with her hopes of having a family. But chronic use of marijuana poses serious health problems, including infertility.
Marijuana contains Delta-9-THC, a chemical that damages the development of new embryos. Because of the damage rendered to them, these embryos fail to make their way to the uterus, leading to early pregnancy termination.
THC also appears in a woman’s reproductive organs and fluids. During sex, a man’s sperm come into contact with the THC and start swimming more rapidly. They are likely to exhaust their energy and die before reaching the woman’s egg for fertilization. 
Remove the Toxins
One of the best ways to remove marijuana toxins from the body is with Body Brushing Detox combing with Chinese herbs such as Cynomorium songaricum, and Pyrola Calliantha from the Natural Hormonal Realignment & Libido Restoration Formula.

This process increase liver's detoxification process and gently exfoliates the body’s top layer of skin cells, where harmful particles accumulate and can cause internal damage. And because the skin receives about one-third of all circulated blood, cleansing the skin eliminates waste and allows the body to operate more effectively.
While many skincare creams and cleansers offer to perform a similar process of exfoliation, Body Brushing Detox does so without causing irritation or robbing the skin of nutrients. Brushing is also a more effective way to clean the skin than using soap and water. It stimulates nerve endings, removes clogged pores and encourages new cell renewal.

Despite all of its benefits, the technique is simple and requires nothing more than a skin brush with natural bristles and dry skin. Brushing before a shower is ideal because dead skin cells and impurities are then easily washed away.

During the process, pressure levels should be adjusted for comfort, and gentle circular strokes are the most beneficial. Although not necessary, essential oils can be rubbed into the skin immediately prior for a more luxurious experience. After showering, women can finish the routine with a nurturing application of moisturizer.

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