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Getting It Up And Coming To Full Completion: All The Reasons Why Your Man Thinks Squirting Is Sexy
If you've ever had the incredible fortune of female ejaculation, I'd have to say, you're one lucky gal! Not every woman is able to let go of her inhibitions so freely, which is a key factor for squirting. For some unlucky in love women, a simple orgasm is hard to come by…So the elusive squirt is pretty much like the Holy Grail as far as sex goes.
Female ejaculation is still a wonder because no one has really been able to grasp exactly how or why it happens. As far the logistics, we can all agree that female ejaculate occurs when is the body rapidly expels the fluid through, and around the urethra either during or before orgasm. And that's pretty much all we know.
We all seem to know someone whose sisters' best friend can do it, but we never hear about the experience straight from the horses mouth. The truth is that squirting is very rare, not very many women are able to do it, but the ones that can are sometimes ashamed and subsequently they build up a complex about it.
Suppressing Your Desire
Some women are so afraid of ejaculating in front of their partners that they will actually go without sex for long periods of time. This isn't wise because of two major counts. One: Because suppressing your sexual desires for long periods of time raises the chances that you will ejaculate with an even more powerful force when you finally do engage in intercourse. And two: Because physically trying to prevent squirting while engaged in intercourse could cause vaginal injury…And nobody wants to deal with that!
I feel like these women of the lucky ejaculating clan have been given a gift that they just don't know what to do with. I do agree, the first few times it happens could be a bit awkward, however I highly doubt any man has ever thrown his girlfriend or wife out of bed based on the fact that he pleasured her so well that she actually ejaculated. I'm pretty positive any man would just take that as a job extremely well done.
Don't Be Shamed
Some women have even convinced themselves that what they ejaculate is actually urine. In reality, researchers have already determined that the fluid that the vagina emanates during orgasm only contains characteristics of prostate plasma, not urine. This only further proves that the fluid comes from the female prostate glands.
You can even do a little at home test to ensure that when you're squirting is not urine. The next time you ejaculate, let the fluid set on your bedsheets for about a half hour. After about thirty minutes, the distinct odor or ammonia will be noticeable if the fluid is in fact urine.
Though it is fairly unlikely, the possibility of female incontinence does linger over women who “gush” or “squirt” during sex.

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