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The Fire Within: Menopause Takes a Woman to Blistering Depths of Heat and Then Back Again
You’re grocery shopping and suddenly find yourself engulfed in heat. Your face flames and sweat drips down your armpit, which is inside the jacket that up until a moment ago protected you from dropping outdoor temperatures. Or you’re soundly sleeping only to waken abruptly. Your body and pajamas are covered in sweat. The source of heat comes from within, deep inside your body, and you cannot escape its intensity.
Sound familiar?
One Woman’s Journey with Menopause
For 49 year-old Maggie, both of these scenarios actually happened. They weren’t scenes from a book or make-believe plots. Plagued by hot flashes, Maggie couldn’t be sure when or where they would occur. She knew only that they came from nowhere and had a deeply disturbing effect on her life.
“My hot flashes ruled the day,” she says. “The moment I felt one, everything that followed was colored by my embarrassment and exasperation. I couldn’t control them – I was helpless only to wait until each one finished. Then I had to wait for the next…it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was in a constant state of anxiety.”
Maggie was, of course, in the early stages of menopause. For many women undergoing their “change,” hot flashes are the most noticeable symptoms. Others include vaginal dryness, loss of libido, irritability, and difficulty sleeping.
“Mine was the classic menopause case. I experienced all the symptoms. Somehow, I was able to manage all of them except the hot flashes. They were unbearable,” Maggie says.
Science behind Hot Flashes
The jury is still out when it comes to the exact cause of hot flashes. Most health professionals believe they are caused by rapidly fluctuating levels of estrogen. Hormones are not stable in the months and years leading to menopause. They rise and drop dramatically as the ovaries start to produce decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen in particular is responsible for the intense bouts of heat.
“According to my ob/gyn, a sudden drop in estrogen causes an equally abrupt rise in temperature,” Maggie explains. “Estrogen helps control the internal temperature. Its fluctuations lead to hot flashes that come and go without warning.”
Maggie is right. Hot flashes present no prior indications and affect each woman differently. Some of these heat bursts last several seconds, while others persist up to a half hour.
“When I was younger, I often women in their 40s and 50s complain about hot flashes. I dismissed their complaints because they were, in my mind, old ladies. Now I’m the old woman, and although I certainly don’t feel like I’m in need of a retirement home, I do know that hot flashes are no laughing matter,” Maggie says.
The Best Way to Manage Hot Flashes
Many women resort to hormone replacement therapy to control symptoms of menopause. But this therapy presents a long list of complications. Minor problems include headache and nausea. Life-threatening side effects include increased risk for stroke, heart disease, cancer, and blood clots.
“I did the research on hormone replacement therapy and decided absolutely not,” Maggie says. “I wasn’t willing to take the risks it posed. I opted instead for an herbal supplement that improved my body’s production of estrogen. The supplement proved a safer and more effective route – my menopausal symptoms are gone.”
Phyto Menopause Formula contains the herbs necessary to stimulate estrogen production. Ingredients like Dong Quai and Wild Yam both contain phytoestrogens that relieve symptoms of menopause and improve blood flow to the genitals. (TRY: Menopause Relief Fighting Formula) This means greater sexual pleasure, pain reduction and body temperature regulation.
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