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Female Infertility: Is an Irregular Menstrual Cycle to Blame?
Are you experiencing menstrual cycle irregularities, and unable to get pregnant? Perhaps nature can help.
For a woman who decides to become a mother, fewer things are more disheartening than months or years of unsuccessful attempts at becoming pregnant. As time goes on, she may feel discouraged, hopeless, or even defective in some way. Her relationship with her partner may suffer as the couple's dreams of starting a family slip further and further into the distance.

Fortunately, if you are struggling with fertility problems, there may still be answers to improving your chances of conceiving without relying on a fertility clinic for solutions. Female infertility can result from several different conditions, including an irregular menstrual cycle.
Irregular Cycle
Many women experience symptoms of menstrual cycle irregularity at some point in their reproductive lives. In addition to making conception more difficult, an irregular menstrual cycle may also increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy for women who are not trying to start a family.

Symptoms include extended periods (bleeding that lasts for more than a week), more than one period in a month, and inconsistent periods. Spotting that occurs between periods may also indicate menstrual cycle abnormalities. Under ideal circumstances, each monthly cycle includes an ovulation phase. Women with abnormal cycles may not be ovulating consistently, which reduces the chance that they will get pregnant.
A Common Cause
Although an abnormal menstrual cycle can indicate a hormonal imbalance due to past use of birth control pills or environmental toxins, a common root cause of period irregularity is stress. Women who lead high-stress lives, are frequently exhausted, have poor exercising, eating, or other lifestyle habits, have a higher chance of experiencing menstrual cycle irregularity. 
Don't Give Up on Natural Relief Just Yet 
An irregular cycle is not simply a fact of life, and neither are painful menstrual cramps.
If you are having difficulty getting pregnant and are suffering from some of these symptoms, try some of the natural remedies at your disposal before submitting to the invasive procedures and powerful medications that fertility clinics may prescribe. Lifestyle changes such as eating a healthier diet and taking measures to de-stress can play an important part in achieving a more regular cycle. Herbal remedies and supplements are also available, including this Menstrual Care Tincture that you can prepare using ancient medicinal herbs. 

This herbal blend contains Dong Quai, also known as Ginseng, which helps relax the uterus and promote natural blood flow. Another ingredient is Corydalis, a flowering plant related to opium poppies, which has roots in Chinese medicine as a sedative and analgesic.

The tincture also incorporates Safflower, which is known for its use in treating menstrual irregularities. Other ingredients contribute anti-inflammatory, circulatory dilation, and digestive support agents. These herbs ease stress by encouraging relaxation, as well as stimulating a healthy menstrual flow. In addition to combating stress and moderating blood flow, the tincture may also relieve painful cramps and other PMS symptoms that many women experience.

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