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Age Has Nothing to Do with It: Orgasm Dysfunction Affects Women from 20 to 90 Years Young Thanks to Hormone Imbalances
A night of sex that leaves you blushed and breathless is as healthy as it is satisfying. But for some women, such a session only brings frustration because they cannot orgasm. Equally galling is the fact that orgasm dysfunction can be caused by many factors, so finding the exact culprit is often challenging.
“I was 25 years old and could not orgasm,” Anastasia – now 30 – recalls. “I put my boyfriend, later my husband, through hell because I thought we needed to try different sexual positions, then sex toys, then abstinence. I couldn’t believe that at such a young age my body was already failing me. Only elderly women are supposed to struggle with orgasm.”
Orgasm Dysfunction Afflicts Women of All Ages
Anastasia isn’t alone in her thinking. Plenty of people assume women should orgasm – until they reach those years when their hair grays, their bodies sag and sex takes a backseat to more age-appropriate interests. These assumptions, however, do an injustice to women who cannot orgasm even in their early 20s.
“Society has been trained to associate certain condition with age, especially because of jokes about menopause,” explains Patricia, a registered nurse who specializes in gynecology. “But the female body is far more complex than we realize and can go haywire at any time. This means even young women can suffer from sexual problems.”
Patricia is right. Millions of American women are affected by orgasm dysfunction. This condition is exactly as it sounds: a woman cannot reach climax because her clitoris doesn’t swell appropriately, vaginal nerves are desensitized or hormones are imbalanced. This last factor is especially common because hormones – delicate chemicals produced by the body and responsible for numerous functions – are susceptible to great fluctuations.
“I honestly thought something was wrong with my vagina,” Anastasia says. “Hormones never crossed my mind.”
The Truth of Hormone Imbalances
One of the chief culprits behind hormonal imbalance is birth control. Made with synthetic blends of estrogen and progesterone, this medication tends to overload the body with chemicals. Tissues and organs then fight for harmony, meaning healthy sexual responses become nil – the body can only focus on so many activities at once.
“Hormones facilitate vaginal lubrication and clitoral sensitivity,” Patricia says. “When those chemicals deregulate, a woman can kiss sexual happiness good bye.”
Other factors that impede the body’s regulation of hormones include drug and alcohol abuse. Both of these damage the liver, in charge of metabolizing hormones so they body uses them as necessary. You can think of the liver as a waste water treatment plant: it removes impurities from the blood and sends nutrients and hormones where they need to go. But too many toxins – such as those ingested from drugs, alcohol and birth control – fatigue the liver until it stops functioning normally.
“My OB/GYN clued me into my hormonal imbalance,” Anastasia says, “which she attributed to my birth control. She then put me on a detoxification regimen: healthy foods, plenty of water and an herbal remedy.” Here Anastasia smiles. “Now I can come with the best of them.”
Your Choice for an Herbal Remedy
Like Anastasia’s OB/GYN, Patricia recommends an herbal remedy to correct orgasm dysfunction. “The therapeutic properties of herbs allow women to gently and easily address hormone imbalances,” she says. “A formula composed of several different herbs is the best bet.”
Patricia is talking about a blend of herbs, such as Passion Kindle Formula for Orgasm Dysfunction. It contains ingredients like Catuaba, Maca and Pyrola to restore liver function, expel toxins and improve clitoral sensitivity. With time and patience, this formula helps women experience the orgasms they desperately crave.

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