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Is DHEA The Wonder Hormone For Menopause That Your Doctor Don't Want You To Know?
Menopause refers to a period in a woman's life when she no longer has menses. The transition into this life stage can be a turbulent period for certain women. During this period, rapid hormonal changes can produce symptoms such as fatigue, low libido, anxiety and depression.

These psychological and emotional symptoms have a link to the drastic drop in the levels of estrogen throughout this phase. Nevertheless, menopause symptoms are treatable hence; women can still experience life quality and a sense of well being.

Women are especially concerned about their sexual life during this stage. This is completely normal; sex is an essential part of any relationship, therefore; experiencing a low sex drive can cause anxiety and frustration. Nevertheless, women can adopt natural solutions to deal with menopause symptoms and help enhance women's sex drive.
How Menopause Occurs
Menopause occurs naturally when your ovaries begin making less progesterone and estrogen-hormones that control menstruation. Consequently, the natural reduction of reproductive hormones ultimately leads to menopause. Over time, the ovaries stop functioning and the cessation of menstruation occurs. Initially, it is upsetting for women to lose their menses as it symbolizes the "end" of their youthful years and the beginning of the dreaded period of "old age."

Rather than view this as a period of sexual frustration, women should view this as an opportunity to explore sexual avenues without having to worry about unwanted pregnancies. Gaining a different perspective of this life stage helps women to deal with menopause in an effective manner.

Although menopause is not an illness, the emotional and physical symptoms can disrupt one's life by decreasing energy levels, disrupting sleep, and triggering mood swings. Other symptoms include hot flashes, low libido, and chronic fatigue.
One of the most worrying symptoms of menopause is low sex drive. A decrease in sexual desire is an issue that affects not only the woman but also her sexual partner. Numerous factors can affect a woman's libido including hormonal changes. Estrogen and progesterone levels drop considerably at the onset of this life stage. Estrogen is an essential sex hormone, which enhances vaginal lubrication, and sustains numerous female traits. Women experience hot flashes, vaginal dryness, libido loss, and irregular periods when estrogen levels drop. For some women, these symptoms are intolerable. Nevertheless, there are methods that can help menopausal women enhance their libido.
Natural Way Out Of Your Problems
Women can adopt natural solutions to decrease menopausal symptoms and increase their sex drive. These solutions include consuming foods such as tofu, almonds, oysters, and buckwheat. These foods are rich in zinc and aid in boosting sex hormones naturally.

It is essential to note that if a woman's sex drive decreases for numerous days and returns to normalcy, this is simply a temporary estrogen fluctuation or stress reaction. However, if this problem persists together with other unwanted symptoms for numerous weeks, this means multiple hormones are involved, and the depletion of DHEA hormone might have occurred. DHEA plays a significant function for menopausal women...(learn how to increase DHEA naturally)

According to research, taking DHEA in the supplement form can enhance the libido of menopausal women.

Herbal remedies are also essential in alleviating menopausal symptoms, restoring libido, and permitting women to feel youthful once again. Although a low sex drive is a major concern for menopausal women, solutions exist to manage this problem. Moreover, women can simply adopt a different perspective to help them manage this transition successfully.
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