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Big Boobs and Society: Boom, Boom and Boom
“Scientists now believe that the primary biological function of breasts is to make males stupid.” --Dave Berry
What is it about big breasts that makes women desire them and that drives men absolutely wild? If you think about it, slinging them over your shoulder like a slab of beef is hardly more attractive than cleavage that shows just enough to ensure interest. Meanwhile, the media glamorizes big breasts further driving men wild and women to desire them.
Don’t be mistaken, plenty of positive effects exists for breast augmentation surgery. Studies have shown that breast implants promotes self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfaction. The issue is rather the preoccupation with an ideal that by its very nature implies that those women who are small-breasted somehow fall short and are not good enough. 
All breasts are beautiful, as they represent the feminine psyche and the eternal nourishment of motherhood. Their appreciation should emanate from a woman’s comfort within her own skin and not from any societal dictate that claims bigger is better and sexier. A woman’s attitude toward her breasts can also stem from a need for restoration of what they once were, whether that be fuller or firmer. This is different than a need to fulfill some imagined external requisite, as it is the woman making an independent decision for own self. 
The topic of breast implants and the absurd import society attaches to them was effectively parodied in an episode of the television sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, in which Ray thinks his wife, Debra, has had a boob job and gets all excited until she pulls out the tissues and socks that had been holding her breast so amply up. 
Why Do Women Really Want Breast Implants?
While cosmetic reasons are behind the motivation for 40 percent of all breast implants, psychological and medical issues factor into the decision as well. Some 60 percent of breast surgeries involve other factors: repairing deflated breasts resulting from massive weight loss, breast feeding, asymmetrical breast size or malformation and a complete lack of breast tissue.
Beauty Is Subjective 
Who’s to say what is beautiful and what isn’t? That old saying about beauty being in the eye of the beholder is absolutely true. However, pop culture and the media influence the beholder and his or her preferences. The standard of beauty varies according to the size of the breasts and who the celebrity is. Every woman must make her own choice about what is beautiful to her, not to her husband or boyfriend, not her peers and associates and definitely not the media.
Breast Implants and Beauty
Just like tattoos, platform shoes and outrageous body piercing, implants have their specific niche admirers; breast implants are not meant to appeal to everyone. Whatever makes a woman feel beautiful is just fine, as feeling good about oneself radiates only good things. 
Natural solutions to breast augmentation
One way to augment breast size naturally without surgery is to experiment with breast massages. You will need to dedicate about 20 minutes every day in order for this technique, which entails the stimulation of nipples and mammary glands, to work. Best results are achieved when a massage is done in conjunction with a highly concentrated breast enhancement formula that contains Pueraria Mirfica, an herb that promotes the building of breast tissue (See: Natural Ways For Bigger Breast Growth).
If you want to boom, boom and boom, in this free society, it is your prerogative, but remember that breast implants will not make you superior, which would only imply that you were inferior before. The operative word is better, and better, for all intents and purposes is always good.
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