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Sex Positions: Courtesy Call

Stay at any major hotel, and they’ll offer a courtesy call. Stay in bed with your boyfriend or husband, and you too can give him a Courtesy Call. Ladies, if your man seems discontent with sex or even lacks the same sexual desires as before, a spontaneous Courtesy Call will improve his desires for and satisfaction with sex. Oh, and ladies, you can too use this position to let him feel the closeness of your breath. According to studies, controlled breathing can increase his (and your) intimacy.
The man will need to be on his side to perform the position. Once in place, ladies, sit on your side as if you were going to hug him. With one hand, reach around and start by stroking his shaft and massaging his testicles to get him excited. Kiss his shoulders.

Bite his ears. Let him feel your breath against his neck. Just be careful not to apply too much stimulation, he may get caught off guard.

Why She’ll Love It:

Ladies, you may need a bit of sexual release before a long, arduous day. Giving him a Courtesy Call will get him ready, if he’s not already. Plus, couples with kids, the morning may provide a suitable opportunity for sex. In fact, most couples with children agree that mornings provided the only time for sex.

Why He’ll Love It:

Waking up to your partner stroking your penis, nothing like it! You may even think you’re dreaming, but you’ll soon realize you’re not. For men who need a bit of spontaneous sex, a Courtesy Call can remedy the situation. Most men will awake to a morning erection, but if you’re half-mast by morning, she’ll put you at "full sail."

About This Position:

Sex Position Number: 94
Difficulty: Novice
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: Low
Not Suitable For: Men with Wet Dreams
Other Positions You May Like: Tight Rope
Ideal Penis Size: N/A
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low  

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