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Common Myths About Breast Enlargement
1. Because one breast is always smaller than the other one, all an expert needs to do is to put a larger implant in place of the smaller breast to make both match.

It's not that simple. The smaller breast has less skin compared to that of the larger breast. When an expert adds additional fill into a smaller skin envelope, he risks significant SHAPE differences in your breast, meaning instead of a SIZE difference, you’ll now have a shape difference. The key to matching breasts as closely as possible (and they NEVER totally match!) can be very complex.

2. Large augmented breasts are better than large natural breasts.

Let’s compare: Large, natural breasts will begin to sag over time. Large augmented breasts will sag in time as well. Over time, women with augmented breast may find thinning tissue, visible implant edges, visible traction rippling, stretch marks, and tissues with a higher risk of re-operation. Based on comparison, having large breasts--natural or augmented-- is nice, but over time, a woman may experience more trouble with augmented breasts than with natural breasts.

3. Implants last a lifetime.

Females have access to the most state-of-the-art implants, but augmented breast aren't perfect. While an implant may last a lifetime, it requires proper maintenance, which costs additional money and requires regular check-ups.

4. Cup size is an accurate way to measure the size of a breast.

Cup size varies by brand – as with shoes and clothes – so it’s hard to get an exact measurement by simply looking at a bra tag. Although not as popular, the most accurate way to judge the size of a breast is measuring its tissues.

5. Men only care about the size of a woman’s breast.

While it is widely believed that men only care about breasts, men’s interests come down to personalized tastes. Some men enjoy breasts—big or small. Some men look for legs. Some men love feet. The list goes on and on. Just like men obsessing over the size of their penises, women believe that larger breasts may give them more confidence.
Breasts are just like any other body part; the more attention and care you put into your breast, the healthier the outcome. Many women have practiced various breast  massage techniqueexercise and taken nutritional supplements to ensure their breasts do not age or sag. It’s never too late to improve your breasts, so long as you are motivated to start these techniques.

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