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When the Little Swimmers Jump The Gun
Wayne, a high-school sprinter, had made the track-team with ease. He ate right, trained hard and got plenty of rest. But when he was in position for the first race of the day, he pushed off from the blocks a second too soon. Fortunately, the referees allowed him one more chance. Now, he felt less confident about his performance. He lost control again, and the referees made him sit out the race.
Masturbation, Exhaustion and Pre-Cum: Understanding the Link.

Masturbation can lead to sexual exhaustion. And the more men masturbate, the further they deplete necessary neurochemicals that prevent an early ejaculation. Men who experience excessive "pre-cum" may too exhibit signs of depleted neurochemicals. 
Many guys have a similar problem in the bedroom: they're in good physical shape, but something just won't let them wait. Some men explode before their partners deem necessary, and sometimes their penises release a small amount of seminal fluid that cause a loss in erectile strength.
What's going on down there?
From a technical perspective on sex, the male body controls various fluids. The most important is blood, which creates the hydraulic pressure within the spongy tissues that sustains an erection. 
In a study posted in the Journal of Andrology, researchers determined that pre-ejaculatory fluid, or “pre-cum,” is of equal importance to semen itself, as pre-ejaculate functions as a natural lubricant (among other uses).
The presence of pre-ejaculatory fluid in the urethra is a necessary preparation for full ejaculation, but a little bit goes a long way. Much like artificial lubricant, too much pre-cum can reduce friction between the penis and the vagina past the point of continued arousal. 
On a more fundamental level, release of both pre-cum and seminal fluid is controlled by the parasympathetic nerves. These nerves function as organic valves, and they are responsible for keeping the ejaculatory duct closed. If these nerves are too weak to release the right amount of pre-ejaculate fluid while impeding the release of seminal fluid until the appropriate moment, it may trigger a cascading series of events that leads to an unsatisfying, orgasm-less ejaculation.
Why Is This Happening To Me?
In many (but not all) cases, the root cause of seminal leakage can be traced to excessive masturbation. Much like growing the same crops on a particular piece of land without fertilizing it or letting it lay fallow, overuse of the genitals without refueling them or letting them heal will produce less-satisfying results. 
For Wayne (and for men like Scott who suffered from P.E.), his inability to wait until the starting signal might have resulted from training too hard, too often and without sufficient recovery time. His coach should advise him to adjust his training and diet, and take herbal supplements to help his body bounce back faster. 
What Can I Do?
Like any other addiction, getting away from over-masturbation can be difficult, but you can do it! Give yourself time to ease off from it slowly and learn to pay attention to the urges that lead to over-indulging. If you notice that you still experience seminal leakage after reducing your masturbation activities, you may want to try an all-natural remedy that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to strengthen the parasympathetic nerves, resulting in improved seminal-fluid retention.

Like Wayne, who brought himself back to peak shape after taking better care of himself, you too can get your sex life back to where you and your partner want to be. There's no better time to start than now.

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