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I Hate PMS Symptoms And Have Every Right To Complain About These Exasperating Symptoms

I hate PMS symptoms. My partner complains about my mood. He quips about my headaches. Even my friends banter at my melodrama. But as a women, I have every right to complain about these exasperating symptoms. And my female comrades know all too well about the symptoms and misery associated with cramping, fatigue, irritability and discomfort.

Monthly Pest
Although it is unknown as to why PMS occur, the condition causes emotional changes as well as physical. Breast tenderness can make you not want to wear a bra. Bloating and water retention can make you feel as though you have suddenly become a whale.  Anxiety and depression can put you on edge.  However, the worst and most irritating symptom of all--the fluctuating mood swings.
For most of the month, I feel calm, energetic and happy. Come menstruation, I feel my frustrations reach their limits for the tiniest of reasons. Even my emotional stability changes from sadness to happiness in the course of an hour. And what’s worse, my partner pestering me about sex agitates me even more. Seriously, when I’m bloated, cramping and with a headache, do you really think I want to have sex? Nope! 
And all women can agree: mood swings serve as the most aggravating symptom for women and those around them. Mood swings can range from mild to severe, and you may even find your loved ones trying to avoid you during this time of month. All things considered, who can really blame them? Without a moment’s notice, you can be happy at one moment to angry or despondent in the next. Unfortunately, these mood swings can even affect your everyday activities. It gets to the point where you may wonder what you can do to cure your PMS misery and how they can regain your normal moods.
Natural Solutions
Lately, I started to ask myself, “How can I alleviate the violent mood swings?” I did some researched. I spoke to experts. And I even consulted several medical professionals. Most provided me with blunt responses—that nothing could be done. But surely, something could minimize my anger and tears. 
I discovered that herbal solutions could minimize the various PMS symptoms, particularly those that affected my mood. According to studies, these herbal remedies have been used for centuries, showcasing a history of effectiveness. And thanks to substances that include phytoestrogen, a hormone depleted during menstruation, women can restore the proper hormonal balance linked to mood swings. While ingredients such as Mexican Wild Yam, Red Clover and Don Quoi alleviate fluctuating mood swings.

Sure, my family and friends still make jokes about my other symptoms, they all agree—I am happier and less angry during my cycle. And while many people often joke about PMS, this condition is no laughing matter.

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