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The Most Important Meal of the Day: A Common Breakfast Food that Feeds Your Sexual Pleasure
How many people eat oatmeal for breakfast? I’m sure we can all conjure an image of our mothers adjuring us to finish our bowls because it “sticks to your ribs!” Oatmeal is cheap, quick to make, and can be modified in a hundred thousand delicious ways. I, personally, prefer oatmeal with sweetened yogurt dumped on top, or an oatmeal island in milk with a jam topper.
A Big Bowl of Sex
But what if oatmeal could satisfy more than your belly? Recent studies have shown oatmeal to have a very interesting effect on female libido and sexual pleasure. How could simple oats, Avena Sativa, possibly influence sex drive? Part of oatmeal’s fulfilling nature is due to its high protein content. One cup of these grains contains a whopping twenty-one percent of your daily value of protein.
Amino Acids for the Win
Protein is comprised of amino acids, and one of these acids in particular is well known for it’s sexual effects. L-arginine is an amino acid commonly found in sports drinks and bodybuilding supplements. This is because it encourages the release of growth hormones and kicks up metabolism. But inside the body L-arginine is converted into Nitric Oxide, a chemical that relaxes muscles and improves blood flow. This is where the sexual effects come in.
Start Your Sex Life
Many women only have sexual half-lives, as it were. They have sex, but do not find true enjoyment, and many do not experience orgasm. In many instances, the reason for these negative experiences is improper genital response. Either the woman is not allowed enough time to become completely aroused, or she has damaged her genitals in a way that disables proper genital engorgement, or she has a chronic biological inability to become aroused.
Just Relax
Nitric Oxide has the ability to positively impact all three of these issues. Because Nitric Oxide improves blood flow and circulation, while relaxing the surrounding muscles. It seems counterintuitive to imagine, but it’s actually that the muscles surrounding the blood vessels are too tight to allow blood to flow into the clitoris, G-Spot, and vaginal tissues, rather than too loose to push blood into the area, or something of that nature.
The Nitric Oxide allows the muscles surrounding the veins and capillaries to relax and fill with blood, fully engorging, as they should. It is imperative that the female genitals become fully engorged during arousal. (TRY: Female Natural Health Restoration Formula) Imagine a man trying to have sex with a half-erect penis. That’s the equivalent of a woman having sex without having engorged sex organs.
Thinner is Better
As the organs fill with blood, the tissues stretch and become thinner, allowing better access to the nerve endings spiderwebbing those delicate tissues. And the boost in sensation might be all some women need to go over the edge to orgasm. I spoke with a few of my friends who were adventurous sexual explorers to try some oatmeal before hitting the sheets and tell me the results. Three out of five of my girl friends said they easily achieved orgasm, while the other two reported a more than usually enjoyable sexual experience.
A Tasty Secret
I eat oatmeal regularly, and also orgasm regularly. I’ve never had a problem achieving orgasm since I first began sexual experimentation. I’m not saying it’s all based on oats, but having a good store of Nitric Oxide undoubtedly betters your chance of having a good time in bed, and an easy time with orgasm.
If you want to experiment with a superpowered sex drive, why not begin with a big bowl of oats? It’s as tasty as it is healthy; you really can’t go wrong!
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