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The ‘Su-Nui Ching’ Cometh - The Origin of the First Chinese Sex Bible

Perhaps the most famous ‘sex book’ of all is the Indian Kama Sutra. Though only part of it is actually devoted to sex, its notorious reputation as an erotic guidebook greatly precedes it. Written anywhere between the first and sixth century (exact date unknown) it is not actually the oldest known ‘sex manual’. It has been determined that the earliest such text does, in fact, originate from Asia, but not India. The world’s oldest sex manuel is the Chinese Handbooks of Sex, which was purportedly written 5,000 years ago by Emperor Huang-Ti (2697–2598 BCE). However, it is the Chinese book entitled Su-Nui Chung that really went on to become the sexual bible and medical guidebook of many generations.
Su Nui Ching was based on the Tao of Love Coupling philosophy, also of Huang-Ti. A noble and impressive Emperor who lived by peaceful Taoist ideals, he is also credited for the invention of the compass, the advancement of Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, the science of acupuncture, and future-predicting astrology.
Since discussion of any sexual matters had long been considered taboo in conservative Chinese culture, Huang-Ti progressively published the Tao of Love Coupling to educate and enable his people to procreate. He encouraged them to have as many children as possible, thereby slowly strengthening his Empire with sheer numbers. It was necessary.
At the time, China had just endured a number of civil wars against formidable warlords. Ultimately, the population of the country was left dwindling dramatically. Farmlands were neglected and became in desperate need of cultivation. Huang-Ti stepped it and took the necessary measures to turn things around for the floundering land. He founded the Chinese nation, and under his legendary rule he developed the industries of agriculture, husbandry, and silk clothing exports that allowed China to once again become independent.

Though clearly a genius and visionary, it is rumored that Huang-Ti had some help with his sex text.  Legend has it that he had three female accomplices who advised him on such matters. They were known as the “Plain Girl” (real name Su-nui), the “Mystery Girl” (Shuen-nui) and the “Harvest Girl” (Tsai-nui). Also contributing was a male doctor named Pong Tsu. The Emperor had their informative and revealing conversations recorded in an easy-to-follow question and answer format. They were then compiled into book form and named, Su-Nui Ching, after “Plain Girl”, Su-nui. They could not have known how their collaboration would continue to be embraced for many generations yet to come.
Now considered a Taoist classic, Su Nui Ching outlined the true reasons of procreation and subsequent perpetuation of the species. It revealed a hidden, divine purpose of lovemaking that became known as the Tao of Sex Wisdom, which asserted that spiritual elevation was not possible without sex. Su Nui Ching became recognized as the epitome of Taoist Sexology. Not only does it outline ways to improve and prolong the joy of sex for a couple, it serves to strengthen the bond between the man and the woman, thereby reinforcing the foundation of their growing family.
In general terms, Su Nui Ching taught the people to love and enjoy life and reap its many rewards. Methods of developing wisdom and intelligence, health and beauty, spirituality and morality were all detailed within its pages, to the great benefit of all who indulged the legendary text. The same principle is applied to the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the use of it’s many life-enhancing herbs that Huang Ti also helped to advance. By heeding this knowledge today, anyone can overcome detriments related to sexual harmony.

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