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Surprising Benefits of Douching: Proper Application Cleans the Vagina and Prevents Yeast Infections
A woman’s vagina is a sacred place. Multifaceted, this organ allows for sexual intimacy, reproduction and pleasure. Even if you try, you’ll not find another body part like the vagina.
Being sacred, however, doesn’t mean a vagina is free from occasional trouble. One of the most common and annoying afflictions is a yeast infection. The symptoms are distinct enough that women often treat these infections at home. But we propose you skip the itching and burning and prevent yeast infections from starting with routine douching.
Forget What You Think You Know
Now is a good time to forget the rumors that undermine douching. These stories often involve a twice-removed account at best, meaning they’re far from reliable. Lindsay, 23, fell into the trap of this rumor mill and for years missed out on the benefits a douche provides.
“In high school, a friend’s cousin supposedly douched and got the nozzle stuck in her vagina,” Lindsay says. “We heard she had to go to the hospital for emergency care. I never had the opportunity to ask the cousin first-hand if this was true. I just assumed it was and vowed to never try douching myself.”
Stories like this are common when it comes to feminine hygiene. The first disclaimer we must make is that items don’t get “lost” in the vagina. This organ is not an endless black hole with vacuum-like suction.
The second disclaimer is this: in order for douching to work safely and effectively, a woman must know what she’s doing. Equally important is using the right ingredients with douche. (SEE: Simpe and Safe Douching for Yeast Infections)
An Honest Look at Yeast Infections
“I changed my mind about douching when I suffered a series of painful yeast infections,” Lindsay remembers. “It was my first year in college. I was away from home, trying to manage the stress of school and in an unfamiliar environment. My system went haywire, and I developed three or four yeast infections in a row.”
Yeast exists in every vagina, not those that are dirty or in some way inferior. The vagina is in fact home to a number of bacteria that help maintain its delicate pH levels. Anything that disrupts the vagina’s environment - including sexual intercourse, menstruation or over-cleansing – can cause yeast to grow. When yeast fungi outgrow flora that keep it at bay, a yeast infection develops.
Douching to Deter Yeast Infections
“My infections were caused by stress,” Lindsay explains. “I was burning the candle at both ends in college, and my immune system had grown weak. On top of that, I was eating poorly: lots of junk food, soda and some alcohol. Yeast feeds off sugar, so each day I was adding to my own discomfort.”
Yeast infections can become unmanageable, which explains the importance of prevention. The first step is to watch what you eat. Lindsay was right when she said sugar feeds yeast. Keep sweets to a minimum and opt for water, a liquid that naturally cleanses the body, whenever possible.
Also learn to manage stress. We’re not recommending you avoid stress, because in today’s world that’s all but impossible. But management means you pay attention to your stress reactions so you’re not in constant fight-or-flight mode.
Finally, we recommend douching with tepid water and non-alkaline soap. These gentle ingredients protect against irritation, and douching eliminates harmful smells and bacteria. “Douching is as much a part of my hygiene routine as showering,” Lindsay says. “Normal bathing doesn’t clean the vaginal canal the way it needs to be cleaned. Not only do I now feel fresher, but my yeast infections are gone.”
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