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Natural Ways to Increase Your Natural Testosterone
I met Jason while in college. He was a nice guy, but he and I were destined to be “just friends.” He shared all of his secrets with me. He told me who his secret crushes were. He told me whom he was dating. He even shared with me more intimate information. 
His drunken tirades were often filled with bantering. But on occasion, he let slip some more private information. For example, he once shared with me his low testosterone problems. He admitted to being unable to perform sexually at times, often professing that it became a depressing, exasperating habit he dealt with. 
And Jason, like most men I knew, hated going to the doctor. He felt that he could heal himself. And as he stated “prescription pills cost a fortune with no health insurance.” So Jason did what Jason always did—he looked for insight online for resolving his private issues. 
According to Jason, he came back with an extensive list of natural ways to increase testosterone. The list included a hodgepodge of foods, beverages and even supplements he could take to increase his testosterone without costly pills or procedures. Here’s what he shared with me:
1. Foods. A 1996 study showed that men with low zinc levels had lower testosterone levels.  When the zinc in their diets was increased, the testosterone level also rose.  Food such as oysters, beef shank, king crab legs, cashews and chickpeas include a healthy dose of zinc.
2. Beverages. Jason is a drinker, a heavy drinker. So naturally, he was happy to see liquids could increase his “T” levels (just not the liquids he hoped). For example, a glass of club soda can have up to 20 mg of zinc in it, while blackberries, jackfruit, raspberry and pomegranate too provided healthy dosages of zinc. And if you’re a prime rib lover, like Jason is, don’t skip on the au jus, which contain up to 13 mg of zinc.  
3. Exercises. Jason is a health advocate. Despite guzzling gallons of alcoholic beverages over the weekend, Monday through Thursday, he exercised for two, three hours a day. Research has found that strength-training workouts can lower abdominal fat and increase testosterone. 
4. Supplements. Jason drinks supplement shakes to help him gain muscle. Except he didn’t always take the proper supplements to increase testosterone. For example, Cuscuta can increase the body’s ability to optimize the production of testosterone, while Sarsaparilla Jamaican, Schisandra Berry, Eurycoma Longifolia, Tribulus Terrestis and Deer Antler provided healthy additives to increase testosterone levels. 

While Jason and I remain friends, I learned that all his supplements, exercises and foods he drank helped improve his levels of testosterone. Now, he’s happy, engaged and ready for his new life.

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