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Too Much Fun Equals Plenty of Pain

Sex provides a soothing, healthy source of entertainment. A healthy sex life can reduce stress. A fufilling sex life can even boost the immune system of immunoglobulin A, an antibody said to help protect individuals from infections and colds.
While a healthy, active sex life can reduce stress and even proliferate the production of essential antibodies, too much sex can result in painful, unwanted side effects. Women can lose sensitivity to both their clitoris and G-Spot nerve endings, while men can suffer from premature ejaculation and even Prostatitis, an inflammatory condition that causes prostate pain. For men, being unable to hold an ejaculation can leave their partners less than pleased, while painful ejaculation can have detrimental effects on their sex lives.

Protatitis’ Role in Painful Ejaculation

Prostatitis is an inflammatory condition of the prostate gland, normally resulting from a bacterial infection. When the prostate is infected or inflamed, an individual will experience pain during urination and ejaculation. An estimated 50% of all men will experience the disorder during their lifetime, leading to one of the most common sexual dysfunctions for men.

Painful Ejaculation Caused By Exhaustion

Too much sex proliferates the production of cortisol, a steroid hormone that helps with the suppression of the immune system and helps manage blood sugar.  When the body is exposed to cortisol for too long, it can lead to inflammation of the prostate and cause discomfort during an ejaculation.
Men who suffer from painful ejaculation often refrain from having sex to avoid any discomfort and pain. While putting off sex can help avoid the pain, men who do not ejaculate  suffer from mood swings, feel irked by menial issues, and even combat anxiety problems during sex.

Reducing Cortisol

Men with painful ejaculation symptoms may benefit from natural, herbal supplements that can reduce inflammation in the prostate. Adaptogenic herbs work best at helping reduce inflammation because they:

  • Exert system-wide protective and restorative effects
  • Lower the presence of cortisol
  • Increase the efficiency of oxygen utilization
  • Modulate stress responses to enhance immunity
  • Help combat aging cognitive function

Men who suffer from painful ejaculation may benefit from taking Herbal Remedy For Sexual Exhaustion & Dysfunction, a formula rich in adaptogenic herbs designed to help reduce inflammation of the prostate.

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