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Don’t Blow It: Numb Your Gun To Save Your Game
I don’t know if any female can fully appreciate the struggle men experience as they try to delay orgasm. The orgasm for women tends to be a single-minded pursuit of an object, rather than a single-minded denial of an end result. With this polarity in mind, we’re generally highly critical of a partner who can’t control his emissions.
“Why can’t he hold on a little longer? I was almost there! Argh, how hard can it be? I could do it. Doesn’t he have any self-control? Doesn’t he have any experience?”
Yeah, Yeah, We Know
We believe you when you tell us you just can’t help it; we don’t mean to shame you, we just don’t understand it. For me at least, it’s a little off-putting to be with a man whom I know will just not be able to last long enough. It’s sort of like, why start if I know I won’t finish before he does? And then I become rather uninterested, I have to admit. I’m sure I’m not alone here.
Hold It, Hold It!
And you guys have all kinds of techniques to prevent orgasm—our movies and television shows are full of your methods. “Dead kittens, grandma, dead kittens, grandma…” But in my experience, mental imagery just isn’t enough to overcome the sensations of the moment. Then there’s the stop-and-start style: “Wait, wait, wait, wait! Just…don’t…move… ok, ok, you can go”. If there’s anything better at delaying the female orgasm than the ol’ stop-and-start, I honestly don’t know what it is. It’s like death by inches, only for both partners. A sort of tantric torture, you might say.
And there are those that are willing to try the testicle compression at orgasm procedure, but in most positions, this doesn’t make much sense, and I’ve never once had success with it. The best, and most surprising, scenario is one where the man has an orgasm without ejaculation, and can thereby keep going. The sexual flipside of a female squirter. The man who can do this is the double rainbow of the male sex—so rare, but stunning and beautiful when you find one.
Sex Made Simple
However, in a world of men sexually over-awed by us luscious babes, there is a simpler solution I’ve found that works to keep a guy going, even when he’d rather be blowing. Desensitization. It probably sounds terrifying, and like some kind of BDSM torture method, but it’s actually a pretty basic, easy way to ensure that you can last as long as she does.
And no, you don’t have to go through any sort of surgery, or learn to meditate, or anything such as that. All you have to do is slap some desensitizing cream on your penis. There are so many varieties of desensitizing cream; if you’ve been having problems with premature ejaculation and haven’t tried it yet, you’ve really been wasting your time. (SEE: Ejaculation Control Creams for Men) Most feature compounds derived from nature, such as mint or clove, that act as light analgesics. Even cutting the sensation in half would give you a little longer playtime.
Fun and Fearless
Worried about your ability to remain erect whilst using a stamina balm? Fear not, all clinical trials prove that men are more than able to have an enjoyable sexual experience while using them, and receive enough stimulation—both tactile and visual—that they are able to remain turgid throughout.
And no one will assume that you have problems with premature ejaculation if you suggest using a little salve before sex. To any woman, taking the initiative to lengthen and sustain your mutual enjoyment means a mark in your favor. She’ll never think you’re saving yourself as well!
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