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Respect The Ring, Respect Yourself: Tips on Cock Ring Usage
A cock ring offers many benefits to the wearer as well as the wearer's partner, enhancing the sexual experience in many ways: noticeably thicker erections, delayed ejaculations, more explosive ejaculations when they do occur, and others. Describing the enhanced sensations presents some difficulties, mostly because the vocabulary for doing so is still being created. Cock-ring wearers exercising proper respect for the limitations of their flesh almost universally recommend their use, with enthusiastic support from their sex partners.
The limitations of the flesh, therefore, present the line between 'enhanced sexual experiences' and the possibility of permanently losing the use of the penis for sexual purposes at all. In the interest of public health and safety, this article will explore the basics of those limitations.
Basic Operation
True to the name, cock rings are designed to temporarily stop the flow of blood to your penis. Your normal erection consists of blood forced into the twin corpus cavernosum chambers and the corpus spongiosum, and held in place by muscle constriction at the base of your pelvis. Apply the cock ring after achieving an erection to start the “magic”.
First tip: If in a little doubt, use lubricant. The ring should feel snug enough that it won't slip off during sex.
Different types restrict the flow in different parts of the penis. The most common design sits at the base of your penis; others enclose the scrotum, while a few rest just below the glans. Unless you have an experienced partner who can offer personalized assistance, start with a base-of-the-penis design for your first cock ring.
Second tip: If it hurts too much, get a bigger ring. A too-tight ring may cause permanent damage as well as discomfort.
Ring Charge Depletion
Even if you have not chosen a ring with a built-in vibrator, every sexpert worthy of the title agrees that 30 minutes represents the absolute maximum time you can wear one safely. Trapping blood inside your penis for longer than that can potentially degenerate your nerves or even damage the tissues that make up your erections in the first place.
Reduce this risk by getting to know how the sensations in your penis change with practice and experimentation. Put it on outside of a sex or masturbation session and pay attention to how it looks and feels for about five minutes, then remove it. Wait about five more minutes to let the circulation restore, then repeat a few times until you are used to it all. Then try wearing it for ten minutes, still with a five-minute break in between each use.
Third tip: Under absolutely no circumstances should you wear a cock ring while you're asleep.
Clean Is Good
Sex has been described as “dirty”, but that doesn't mean that it should be unsanitary (even if you're trying to make a baby with a willing and enthusiastic partner). The genitals provide an environment that can easily nurture diseases that can damage or eliminate your sex life, so you should be very careful to keep them as clean as possible. The same goes for your cock ring. Read the instructions on what cleansers to use to avoid damaging it, and pay attention to the advice on proper storage, as well.
In the end, a cock ring can offer amazing enhancements to your sex life. As long as you respect the risks involved in using it, that sex life can last for many years. Good luck!

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