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You Probably Can't Talk With Your Friends About Male Infertility - But You Can Beat It
Becoming a parent is one of the most joyful accomplishments a person can do. The thought of having a little one, two, or three of your own is a great thing to look forward to in life. Becoming pregnant can often be tougher than most think. Even more so, when we as men discover we have a potency issue. Along with the aggregation of trying and trying with no avail, there is a sense of emasculation that comes with the inability to reproduce.
The first thought would be, “It’s my fault” or “What’s my problem?”, but as men we tend to beat ourselves up a little on things that make us feel, less than perfect. Understanding there is a legitimate reason behind the lack of results is a big step in the right direction.
What’s the cause?
  • Unhealthy Sperm- Unhealthy sperm can play a significant role in the process of trying to conceive. When our sperm isn’t healthy, we aren’t healthy, and it lowers the chance of having that happy bouncing baby.
  • Low Sperm Count- The most important part of trying to create a life is to keep fresh sperm present as often as possible. Naturally with a low sperm count, we are unable to produce the right amount of sperm, thus it being less likely to do its job. Sperm has to swim a length of 15 centimeters, which in reality is like swimming 40 miles to the sperm, considering its size. The more sperm that are present, the more likely one will make the epic journey.
  • Sexually Exhausted Bodies- This one is certainly the big one. Who would know if they have a sexually exhausted body? Well, the answer believe it or not is a simple one. Low production of sperm plus overexertion of the reproductive organs, and you end up with sexual exhaustion.
Overall the best way to explain the inability to impregnate is the fact that the sperm is overall unhealthy. The inability to make the trip along with the lack of sperm trying to reach the destination, spells trouble.
Strength in Numbers!
It’s simple to understand. Say you were to take one rock and one plastic cup, stand 15 feet from it and assume you would get the rock in the cup every time. The probability of landing that rock in the cup, on the first try without practicing would be very slim. Using this same scenario, let’s say you had 50 rocks in your hand and the same cup. In this scenario, it is very easy to understand the problem. Strength in numbers! We have a greater chance at getting one of those rocks into that cup, based on the amount we have.
The same goes for your sperm count. Sperm is strong and has a big job to do. It’s your job to back it up and assist in the process. Some people are able to be sneezed on and become pregnant, but for most of us it will take some time. Sperm is like a pack of wolves, and the strength of each one is only equivalent to the pack. Even though only one will make it, the greater the number the greater the chance of results.
Now that we know the causes, we need a solution
We have to increase our sperm count, make our sperm healthy, and sexually rejuvenate the health of our reproductive system. The good part about all the information is that these symptoms are completely curable and usually just a warning sign that we have not been taking care of certain parts of our body. There is no shame in realizing we neglected something that we could have kept up with, but that part is in the past, it is all about what we do now to fix it.
Visit BaBa Male Fertility Formula – Becoming A Daddy for solutions and an in depth look at sperm rejuvenation, and greatly increase the chances of becoming a daddy. The information in this solution page will be your one stop shop to turning around infertility fast.

Remember guys, there’s a solution for this and you can do it naturally. That is the key. Feed, nurture, and rejuvenate the wolves and they can take down the biggest of animals, thus keep your sperm healthy so you can finally achieve impregnation. With the right rejuvenation, this problem will be in your rearview mirror before you know it.
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