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Enlarged & Aged Prostate Tied Chronic and Frequent Masturbation
As the body ages, it experiences certain inconveniences. Diabetes can beset both male and females, while a dilapidated immune system can lead to health woes. Aged, mixed together with damaged bodily functions can create a one-two punch for disease and chronic infection to thrive.
For women, poor health can lead to vaginal infections, while for men, it could cause prostate infections. And while prostate infections can prove exasperating, the cause for the issue may start years before, often because of a man’s most beloved activity—masturbation.
One Small Gland for Man; One Giant Headache for Man of all Kind 
The prostate helps in the production of semen and assists in the creation of white, alkaline liquid that neutralizes the acidic environment of the vagina. Located beneath the bladder, the prostate’s functions are regulated by DHT and testosterone. But as men age, their prostate grows, and because of this growth, tissues in the gland prevent the urethra from properly expelling urine.
Indicating the Problem- the First Step Toward Successful Treatment
Prostate enlargement, caused by changes in the ratio of the hormones, stimulates its growth.  As men, the body produces less hormones, leading to growth. The problem occurs when the gland expands to an inordinate size that leads to common issues, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunctions.
The Cause for the Problem is Always Created by an Imbalance
Sexual activities serve as a means to showcase a man’s masculinity. But a practice of these activities should be done with both care and moderation. Why? Because excessive masturbation can lead to prostate exhaustion and enlargement.
Think of each session of sex or masturbation as a car ride. For a car to work, it requires fuel. The body is no different, except the body needs hormones to work properly. Each ejaculation depletes the body of necessary hormones. After each session, the body produces an inflammatory hormone called prostaglandin E2 that weakens the ejaculation valve. With an ejaculatory valve weakened two issues can occur—weak erections and premature ejaculation.
Meanwhile, each session of masturbation or sex can elevate the production of another inflammatory hormone—DHT. With high DHT levels, the prostate can increase its size sooner than expected.
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