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The Army Within – Re-Powering Your Desire for Sex
I’m sure a lot of you guys out there play video games. I myself am an avid video game player and enjoy trying out different genres of games. One game that I’ve been playing recently is a futuristic Real Time Strategy (RTS) game in which each player assumes the role of a commander who oversees an empire. After building up your region with production facilities and fortifying positions, you begin cranking out your armies.
My faction in particular was a bunch of bad guys who relied on high-tech weapons and equipment. I’d used them before a few times and favored their aggressive play style. In one recent (and memorable) game, a friend and I were playing against two enemy factions. When I felt that I’d reached a good enough number of forces to attack, I sent out scouts and found my closest rival’s forces to be lacking. So I hit him with everything...
Bad idea; as my supposedly unstoppable forces assaulted the enemy’s main base, he unleashed his secret weapon: an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) bomb. I stared helplessly at the screen as my units became deactivated and froze in their tracks for a lengthy period of time…time which he used to demolish my mighty yet crippled army with his smaller force. Asymmetric warfare at its finest! Later, I did manage to research a technology which allowed me to mitigate his EMP attacks and my team won the match.
Assaulting Yourself
Over-masturbation can be seen as launching an EMP on your own body from within. Men usually associate a good jack-off session as being a pleasurable, enjoyable, and ultimately relaxing activity, and indeed the medical community (for the most part) agrees that it is part of any healthy person’s lifestyle. However, when done too much and with not enough rest in-between sessions, a man can start to drain his body of testosterone, the main hormone which powers the sex drive.
The dopamine nervous function may also be adversely affected by chronic masturbatory habits and since this process triggers the spark i.e. that initial excitement at the thought of having sex (or masturbating), the overall desire to engage in sexual activity may become severely diminished.
When this happens, men can begin to feel irritable and even depressed since their hormonal levels may be askew. Problems with relationships may also arise as men are unable to get things going with their sex partners and this can lead a man to feel shame and embarrassment, further exacerbating things because of stress and anxiety.
One young man (yes, this is not limited to only older guys) I knew who was suffering from these symptoms became very short-tempered and took on a slumped-over body posture, as if constantly depressed or insecure. Needless to say his girlfriend broke up with him shortly afterward. So if you too are suffering from these same symptoms here is some information which may be useful...
Renew - Naturally
Just as I researched that technology which enabled me to counteract my foe’s EMP weapon, it’s great that you’ve come to this site; you’re obviously doing your own research with regards to your issues. You’re already on the right path; stay on it and you’ll get back on track.
First off, you’ll want to decrease the number of times that you masturbate per week. 3 – 4 times is average, and try not to stack sexy-fun day’s right up against one another. Every other day at the most is a good rule of thumb. This will enable your body to replenish itself of neurochemicals and androgen hormones, as well as give it a break overall from all of the wear and tear you’ve been inflicting on it.
Next up, consider trying a powerful herbal solution which contains Yohimbe. (SEE: Yohimbe The Natural Sexual Booster) Long before Viagra became the poster child of male sexual rejuvenation, Yohimbe was widely used as an all-natural erection stimulator. Yohimbe contains numerous potent alkaloids which promote the dilation of blood vessels. Larger blood vessels equals more room to engorge a man’s tiny interconnect blood chambers, pumping them up and enabling larger erections.
Yohimbe is also a natural mood stabilizer and has even been used to treat feelings of angst, loss, and depression. And that’s not all; it is also widely consumed for the function of a general aphrodisiac, stimulating the lustful thoughts and desires which cause arousal before sexual activity. So defuse those EMP bombs with an all-natural supplement which will turn you into a hoof-stomping raging sex bull once again!
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