When You Can’t Turn Back the Hands of Time: Menopause Poses Exhausting Symptoms That Change a Woman’s Quality of Life

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If age is a privilege, menopause is a curse. Many women assume they must endure the “change of life” as an inevitable part of aging. They muddle through the fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and loss of sexual desire even as they long for relief.
Here’s the key: effective relief is available, and a woman need not resort to dangerous hormone replacement therapy to get it. Instead, all she needs is knowledge about herbal supplements.

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The Fight Against Menopause
“Throughout my adult life, I have treated my body as a temple,” says Betzi, 50. “I thought that by doing so, I would escape most of the afflictions associated with menopause. I ate well, exercised regularly and avoided most prescription medications. I looked and felt completely healthy.”
But Betzi’s approach to healthy living didn’t protect her from the distressing symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes hit with a vengeance, starting when she was about 45. These were followed by insomnia, irritability, and – finally – loss of libido.
“It’s hard to know where my lack of sexual desire started,” Betzi explains. “I was tired, always on edge from the hot flashes and moody. My loss of libido could have been the result of these ailments or another symptom of fluctuating hormones.”
No Escape from Hormones
Hormones play a variety of roles in the body. For women, two of the most important are estrogen and progesterone. They prepare the body for pregnancy, prompt monthly menstruation, maintain vaginal health, and support normal sexual responses. Similarly, libido depends on a careful balance of testosterone.
The onset of menopause brings a dramatic drop in all these hormones as the ovaries gradually stop producing eggs for fertilization. A lack of egg production equates to the inability to become pregnant. The body responds by producing smaller and smaller amounts of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
“I knew about hormones before entering menopause,” Betzi says. “But I learned more than I ever thought possible after my symptoms started. Every woman needs to understand what’s happening to her body as she ages. Lack of knowledge leads to poor choices, including trying to ease menopause with chemicals that only cause more harm.”
In addition to speaking with her doctor, Betzi conducted some research of her own to learn how to control her symptoms. “I’m not the kind of woman to let her body be in charge,” she explains. “I needed to take control – and quickly. I didn’t want my sex life to be finished before age 50. Nor did I want to continue down the path of irritability and insomnia. Life is too short not to enjoy it.”
Defense against Hormonal Imbalance
It took some time for her to realize this, but Betzi’s choice to eat healthy foods gave a measure of defense against her menopause symptoms. She focused on nutrient-rich dishes that incorporated fruits, vegetables and fish. In turn, her hormonal fluctuations were not as severe as they may have been.
Once menopause began, Betzi learned that herbs can restore balance to declining hormones. Dong Quai is particularly beneficial and known to reduce the intensity of hot flashes while stabilizing mood. Because Dong Quai regulates the body’s estrogen production, it also balances serotonin to resume restful sleep.
Dong Quai works to greatest effect when combined with other herbs. A comprehensive blend can be found in Phyto Menopause Formula. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Menopause Symptoms Relief) Ingredients like Wild Yam and Cornus work with Dong Quai to quell the symptoms of menopause. They increase libido and sexual sensitivity so a woman forgets all about her age and remembers only the pleasures of intercourse.

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Phyto Menopause Formula

Herbal tofu soup and various herbal diets provide an abundant amount of isoflavones, phyto-estrogen, and anti-aging compounds. Popular among Asian women, these herbal remedies and diets help provide phyto-estrogens molecules that mimic or interact... Read more
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