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Fertility Herbs For Women After Forty

Conceiving a child for some women is not the all-too-easy experience it is for others, particularly when modern scientific methods are nearing exhaustion and pregnancy is still a sought-after dream.

Upon being told repeatedly that there is no specific cause preventing a pregnancy, a couple’s desire to have children becomes weighted with negative factors. The painful and/or expensive treatments which have not produced the desired results combine with the lack of knowledge as to why this is occurring, resulting in frustration and depression.

The majority of couples are successful in beginning pregnancy within six months time, but a certain number—ranging from ten to fifteen percent—do not succeed and are diagnosed as Infertile. This is described in medical circles as the failure to conceive after frequent, unprotected sex within a year’s time.

Overall health is a very important factor in conceiving a child; many things can play into the body’s ability to do this. Hormonal imbalance can be and often is a major cause, not only in older women, but in younger ones as well. This can be caused by numerous things: age, disease, smoking, drinking, poor diet or a combination of these. One example of this is coffee, advised against for the diet of a woman already pregnant, it has been found to affect the adrenal glands which are a contributing factor in the reproductive process.

Hormonal imbalance can cause a widespread series of problems ranging from irregular menstrual periods to mood swings. Between the stress of trying to become pregnant and the Catch-22 problem of low sexual desire, women can often feel as if their own body is fighting against them.

Modern medical practitioners have begun looking back into some older and discarded methods for curing infertility, used mainly by our grandmothers and the wise women of villages and towns throughout the world. Various herbs were prescribed with positive results for couples in their quest to become parents.

For example, chasteberry aids women who have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, assisting in hormone production.

Chasteberry also aids in equalizing the body’s estrogen and testosterone production, necessary for the reproductive process to take place properly.

Squawvine, an herb used in Native American medicine, is used for reduce spasms of the uterus while toning and strengthening the uterine muscles. Other herbs used for infertility include nettle, ginger and wild yam. Chinese Medicine, thought of by the general public as relating mostly to acupuncture, is also known for its array of medicinal herbs for reproductive aids.

Prescribed singly or in a blended ‘tonic’ to address multiple problems, these and other herbs aid in keeping the reproductive system in good health, maintaining its functions at the highest level of performance in order for a woman to better increase her chances of pregnancy.

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