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Pregnancy Against the Odds: She Conceived a Healthy Baby Even After a PCOS Diagnosis
Women are ambitious creatures. We run marathons, run the office and run the home. In between we also find time to birth babies. Sweet, cuddly babies that grow into adults and bear some of our most distinguishing characteristics.
But for some women, the dream of having children doesn’t come easily. Infertility plagues nearly 7 million females, a leading cause of which is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This condition forces women to ask how far they’ll go to achieve motherhood. But one determined lady, Rachel, beat the odds without sacrificing her values. She shares her story here.
Us: Can you describe the events leading to your PCOS diagnosis?
Rachel: I was 28 years old. My husband and I had tried for one year to get pregnant before we started to worry. He was the first to get tested for fertility, and then I took my turn. My doctor initially told me to relax – I was young and seemingly healthy, pregnancy would happen sooner or later. But it didn’t, and eventually I learned I had PCOS.
Us: How were you diagnosed?
Rachel: I first had a pelvic exam, which revealed nothing. Then the doctor ordered blood work to test my hormones. That was the first clue something might be wrong. She told me my androgen level was too high. I didn’t know this before, but androgen is a male hormone also found in females in very small amounts. So, after the blood work, I underwent a pelvic laparoscopy. That’s when my doctor found the cysts in my ovaries, and she realized I had PCOS.
Us: What do ovarian cysts have to do with PCOS?
Rachel: My doctor explained healthy women release from their ovaries one or two eggs each month during ovulation. With PCOS, the ovaries aren’t healthy enough to release mature eggs. Instead, those cells create cysts that interfere with ovarian function.
Us: Did you have symptoms beside the inability to conceive?
Rachel: Yes: irregular periods, increasing bouts with acne and some facial hair. But I never connected these signs to my reproductive health. Not until I learned I had PCOS.
Us: How hard was it for you to hear that diagnosis?
Rachel: I was devastated. I didn’t want to talk to or see anybody, including my husband. I just wanted to crawl into bed, pull the blanket over my head and sleep.
Us: How did you get through it?
Rachel: My husband and I attended a support group for couples with fertility issues, and I realized we weren’t alone. The group leader showed us life without children can be just as meaningful as with.
Us: But you continued trying to get pregnant, right?
Rachel: We did. I knew we would be happy without children, but I couldn’t give up hope.
Us: Did you use a fertility treatment?
Rachel: I used a natural remedy – Maca powder. It’s high in minerals and naturally supports endocrine functions for balanced hormone levels. I added the powder twice daily to my food - it was easy to incorporate into my routine.
Us: And now you have a baby girl.
Rachel: That’s right – she’s one year old and absolutely amazing. She wouldn’t be here if not for Maca powder. I recommend it for any woman struggling with PCOS. It’s proof that infertility can be overcome.
If you have PCOS, don’t give up hope of conceiving children. Consider the benefits of Maca, derived from a tuber grown in the Andes Mountains. (TRY: Maca for PCOS Symptom Relief) Not only does Maca stabilize hormones, but it also increases libido and relieves the outward symptoms of PCOS.

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