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Sex Drive Nose Dive? One Woman’s Story of A Surprising Herbal Solution
Age; it happens to us all. Things are going along just fine, and then, all of a sudden, sex isn’t enjoyable anymore. It becomes a dull, and possibly painful, affair. In most women, age-related sexual disinterest is the result of hormonal dysfunction. However, for Wanda, a young woman who had undergone tubal ligation, the problem was the same, without the excess of years.
All Tied Up
Tubal ligation has the potential to disrupt hormonal function in a multitude of ways. Capillaries can be ruptured during the performance of the surgery, leaving the ovaries to atrophy sans blood flow. Ovaries can be left without a way to disperse progesterone. Blocked fallopian tubes can continue to ovulate, and become blocked, or otherwise confuse the body.
Many, many tubal ligations are performed safely, and with no lasting damage. But for Wanda, a procedure she underwent to simplify her life ended up destroying her sexuality. During the healing process, she noticed that she had little desire for sex, but put it down to recuperation. However, after a time, she realized that the symptoms weren’t improving.
What’s Happening to Me?
Wanda was having night sweats, with a continuous low sex drive, poor arousal, and genital insensitivity. She wasn’t lubricating as she used to, and her husband had begun to wonder at her new sexual state. Both embarrassed and frightened, she began speaking to her doctor, who prescribed hormone replacement therapy. However, after doing her own research, Wanda realized that she didn’t feel safe taking any new hormones into her body. She wanted another option.
Reaching Out
She began reaching out to support circles of tubal ligation sufferers, and soon found others of the same mindset. One woman in particular had experimented with various homeopathic remedies, and took Wanda aside. “I remember being amazed at how much information she had,” said Wanda, “I’ve never met another person who knew so much about the effects of plants”. In particular, the woman commended Psoralea, a legume.
“I was ready to try anything,” said Wanda, “I started checking everywhere for this mysterious herb.” She finally found it through an online supplier, and began a low dosage, marking the effects carefully. After a few days, she detected some remarkable results.
Fast Acting
“I felt like a sex bomb had gone off inside of me,” she said. She was feeling interested in sex again, and was already better able to achieve and sustain arousal. Sex was pleasurable again, instead of a dull, pointless pursuit. In a few weeks, her night sweats had disappeared, and her vaginal lubrication was reestablished. But how could a simple herb have such amazing results?
Psoralea has two innate compounds that mimic estrogenic activity. When age or surgery interferes with hormone production and sex drive is affected, estrogen is the hormone that the body is craving. Psoralen and isopsoralen are two extremely strong estrogen agonists, meaning that they act as estrogen inside the body (agonist takes the same root as agent, from Latin ago, agere—to act).
The presence of estrogen in the body restarts sexual function, from basic vaginal health to the complicated process of sexual receptiveness. Estrogen also promotes the existence of oxytocin, a hormone that the body needs for orgasm. Psoralea = estrogen = happy sex life = oxytocin = orgasm.
Psoralea for Every Woman
So, for Wanda, all’s well that ends well. She regained her sex life through the simple application of one little-known herb. If more women knew how easy it was to restore their sexual cravings and satisfaction—without relying on synthetic hormones—how much improved would be the state of womankind!

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