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Premenstrual Syndrome aka “Honey I’m Not in the Mood Swing Syndrome-Solution”
Since the 1800s people have been discussing the roots, causes and even validity of PMS. In his 1931 essay entitled “The Hormonal Causes of Premenstrual Tension,” Dr. Robert T. Frank became one of the first physicians to study and diagnose the effects of PMS in woman. Writing, “It is well known that normal women suffer varying degrees of discomfort preceding the onset of menstruation. These minor disturbances include increased fatigability, irritability, lack of concentration and attacks of pain.”
An extensive guide to PMS and its physical and emotional effects include everything from bloated bellies and tender breast to anxiety and depression. But one of the most significant--and frustrating--symptoms of PMS is mood swings.

The Inglorious Change
Mood Swings, the rapid or extreme change in mood, cause a woman to go from being happy and joyous to angry and withdrawn. This volatile change in emotional temperature can devastate personal relationships, but also effect day-to-day activities.
Throughout history humans have debated whether God is a man or a woman. During times of PMS, most women would agree: God must be male because no woman would subject another woman to years of endless suffering. Then again, if God were a heterosexual man, why on earth would he subject himself to a once a month tirade of Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde? 
Herbal medicine predates pharmaceutical drugs by several centuries and can be an effective way of minimizing mood swings. One such herbal remedy contains phytoestrogen, which can be found in Mexican Wild Yam, Red Clover and Don Quoi.

Phytoestrogen minimizes mood swings associated with PMS while providing essential vitamins and minerals to balance hormone levels. And because the chemical is a natural estrogen-like compound, it is easily absorbed by the body. 

While some may approach PMS with a tongue and check attitude, emotional imbalance is no joking matter. Why not replace it with lasting laughter, joy and relief by embracing all the solutions nature has to offer? You’ll be happier and your relationships will be stronger.

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