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Penis Curvature - Caused by Drugs Prescribed for High Blood Pressure

The medical community has been aware that long-term use of beta-blocking drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis can lead to Peyronie’s Disease. [1]

Middle-aged men  who are treated with beta-blocking agents (such as propranolol, metoprolol, nifedipine, or, oxprenolol) for high blood pressure are susceptible to penis curvature. Noticeable fibrous plaques might occur within a few months of taking beta-blocking drugs. Determining the exact pathological mechanisms involved are still under investigation. [1]

Three classic cases published by Dr. Owen in article described how each men established Peyronies diease[2]

Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Study #3

A 53-year-old businessman with myocardial ischaemia and severe Frederickson Type 2 B hyperlipoproteinaemia complained about painful erections after taking propranolol and metoprolol for three months. Within weeks, a curvature of the penis was developed, a symptom that was diagnosed as Peyronie’s disease.

A male patient treated over nine years for hypertension was treated with oxprenolol 40 mg, amiloride hydrochloride 5 mg, and 50 mg drochlorothiazide on daily basis. He later developed a penis curvature problem.

A middle-aged engineer suffered from a myocardial infraction that later developed into hyperlipoproteinaemia and hypertension. He developed Peyronie’s disease in a few months after taking oxprenolol 40 mg twice a day. Fibrous plaques were detected in his penile shaft. It is not certain if his past medication of dothiepin hydrocholoride had contributed to the fast development of the curvature.


To correct the curvature set in by beta-blockers, try Jelqing Exercises that help straighten the penis, while Herbal Remedy for Penile Fibrotic Tissue Damage & Curvature that help eliminate the plaque build up inside your penis that causes curvature.


  1. ^Tunuguntla HS., Management of Peyronie's disease - a review., World J Urol. 2001 Aug;19(4):244-50.
  2. ^John H. Owen, Colin Williams, Alun Rees, Is Peyronie’s Disease Iatrogenic?, J R Coll Gen Pract. 1982 August; 32(241): 499–500.

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