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Is Your Prostate Problems Affecting Your Penis Enhancement Efforts

Rory was 54-years-old, and at his age, he grew accustom to making constant trips to the bathroom. But his age had nothing to do with the increased bathroom trips. His BPH influenced this new issue. When Rory attempted to enlarge his penis, he found little success. At his age, divorced, father of two, and happy with a new girlfriend, sex remained a large part of his life.

But Rory felt he could not enjoy sex as much because of his current size and enlarged prostate problems. For men like Rory, penis size and prostate problems remain a constant worry and concern, adding to the difficulty attempting to keep a happy, healthy sexual relationship.

Prostate Growth

Prostate growth is normal. According to medical practitioners, prostate growth will affect most aging men over the age of 50. The severity of the issue will vary for each male, and because the prostate grows each year, men will likely experience some prostate-related issue, including

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Difficulties Urinating

  • Interrupted sleep cycle

The Prostate-Enlargement Issue

For men with prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation will be two issues that will hamper enlargement efforts. The lowered blood flow caused by E.D. will impede any enlargement efforts. Why? Because of the way most supplements and techniques operate. Since these products and procedures tend to elevate blood flow with nutrient-rich vitamins and herbs that expand tissue, men cannot gain the type of enlargement they want because of the lowered blood levels venturing toward the penis. Premature ejaculation, meanwhile, may not prevent enlargement, but it does keep men from using their newly enlarged penis the way they want. What good does a new penis size do if you cannot use it the way you want?
Men who experience impotence and premature ejaculation as a side effect of prostate-enlargement should understand the complications these problems can cause during the enlargement process.

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