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Impotence & Unsustainable Erection - Caused by Venous Leak

Give him blood flow or give his erection death. Blood carries nutrients and essential blood cells to all parts of the body. Without blood, there can be no life, and without blood flow, there can be no erection. Some men lack proper blood flow in the penile tissues, causing a sudden—always unwatned—lack of erectile capacity. Most men who suffer from poor blood flow also combat venous leaks that prevent the penis from holding enough blood to power an erection. 

Understanding the Penis; Understanding the Dysfunction

Think of the penile blood chambers as buckets. These buckets hold the blood to induce an erection. If the bucket has a hole at the bottom, blood will be lost. The penis gains an erection thanks to a relaxed smooth muscle located inside the penis. Blood then creates pressure to allow the arteries to pump blood in and the veins to pump blood out. If the arteries become constricted or if the arteries can no longer pump blood fast enough, the penis cannot withhold blood. Instead, the vein valve remains open, leaving a constant in and outflow of blood (as seen in the picture above).

So why exactly does the penile veins remain open for blood to leak out? Well, aged arteries, scar tissue build up and damaged parasympathetic sexual nerves caused by masturbation are contributing factors for venous leaks. High cholesterol can cause plaque build up that leads to aging arteries. While scar tissue, caused by penile pumps and abusive masturbation, damages the corpora cavernosa hindering the ability to pump blood. Abusive masturbation too can weaken the parasympathetic nerves charged with holding blood flow. 

If insufficient amount of blood is not pumped into the sponge tissues of penis chamber, it will not created enough pressure to suppress the surrounding veins (Cavernosal Veins, Para-arterial Veins, & Emissary Veins), thus blood will draw out just like a failed missle launch.

Natural Solutions

Men in need of natural solutions can try Penis Bands that prevent blood from flowing out the artery valve, and serves as a quick-fix solution. However, if the condition worsens, bands will not work. Instead, powerful natural herbs found in Incredible Anti Aging Solution For Penile Nerves & Venous Leak, can help repair and power the parasympathetic nerves to pump more blood and prevent outflow of the blood through the veins.

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