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Youth Impotence - Caused by Methamphetamine

Imagine if Snoop Dogg had titled his song “Smoke Meth Everyday” instead of weed. The public outcry would have been much higher. Perhaps the lyrics would not have jibed as well as they originally did, and maybe his recording label would have terminated his contract. Compared to weed, meth continues as one of the most addictive substances. It damages all areas of the body, from the teeth to the skin.

And while weed remains a more socially acceptable drug in pop culture, meth seems a more fitting topic built for documentaries rather than music videos or television series (the exception being “Breaking Bad”).

For young men especially, meth can prove to be toxic. Because it elevates dopamine receptors and injects toxins into the body, young men can experience a number of side effects that range from “meth mouth” to youth impotence.

How Does It Happen?

Think of Meth as a mood enhancer. It elevates the dopamine receptors in your body to create more pleasure from menial tasks. Eating cake is intensified. Watching movies feel more realistic. Even sex feels more pleasurable. For young men, the imbalance in dopamine creates a shift in the neurotransmitter. When the high levels of dopamine cannot be replicated, the brain begins to crave more of the drug to produce higher levels of dopamine.

Remember how dopamine creates pleasure? Now imagine if you had chocolate cake every day for the last month. Your mind would not generate the same stimulation and pleasure from the taste. The pleasure would be gone because the body experienced too much pleasure due to the high levels of dopamine.

Now let’s say you smoke meth for months. What once felt pleasurable while on the drug no longer generates the same appeal. Once off the drug, the body cannot generate the same stimulation to power the pleasure sensation. With little pleasure, the body cannot produce an erection. Dopamine receptors in the brain cannot stimulate the penis enough for sex. Low dopamine creates lower acetylcholine in the brain. With lowered acetylcholine levels, the body cannot produce excitement needed for an erection.  

Drug Buzz

Meth is excreted predominantly in the urine and to a lesser extent by sweating and fecal excretion, with a half-life of 5 to 30 hours.

Physiological Changes

Because the brain continues to crave high levels of dopamine, an individual will scream, vomit, lose sleep and feel depressed until a stable level of dopamine is meet. Young men who can no longer gain an erection after years of meth abuse need to eliminate the toxic substances to improve liver production.

By improving liver production, the body can metabolism nutrients and produce more hormones. The elimination of toxins will speed up production of acetylcholine for excitement while the enhanced nutrient production will improve testosterone and dopamine levels. If you suffer from non-existent erections, take Crystal Meth Detox.[1]


  1. ^Schep LJ, Slaughter RJ, Beasley DM., The clinical toxicology of metamfetamine., Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2010 Aug;48(7):675-94.

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