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Youth Impotence - Caused by Prostate Exhaustion

Conventional doctors might struggle to diagnose Youth Impotence when it is caused by prostate exhaustion that sometimes accompanies an inflamed prostate. Since the root of this erectile dysfunction usually stems from too much ejaculation or masturbation, the actual cause and damage cannot be detected easily, even with high-tech medical instruments.


Often prostate exhaustion is a symptom of the nerves of your prostate and urethra when they have been abraded by frequent and excessive ejaculation. When this happens, the body is forced to overproduce the neurochemicals dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin, and a hormone called prostaglandin E-1.

As a result, brain function becomes too sympathetic, or stuck in a fight-or-flight mode, and the parasympathetic nervous functions become too weak to restore energy into organs or produce sufficient healing power.


Many symptoms can be observed and experienced. Many young adults experience cramps and pain around the pelvic area, tailbone, and associated joints due to the deficiency of prostaglandin E-1. Their immune system may become weaker.

Some might feel exhaustion, stress, anxiety, impatience, and emotional instability, and may frequently experience fuzzy vision (eye-floaters). Your brain and nervous functions won’t recover by themselves.

Herbal solutions and Prostate Massage - Immedate Prostate Pain Relief can help you by refreshing your local blood circulation and recharging your neuro-chemicals and hormones, thus increasing prostaglandin E-1 production in your body tissue.

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