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Shilajit: The Testosterone Balancer

Testosterone acts as the primary sex hormone among men. In women, testosterone levels


remain present too, just in lower percentages. Men who experience a sudden dearth in testosterone production often complain about decreased sex driveheightened mood swings and increased body inflammation.

That’s because testosterone serves as an essential neurochemical that helps keep the body—and mind—in order. Any inordinate decreases causes a bevy of problems for men. 

Decreases in Testosterone

Testosterone levels can decrease for a number of different reasons, from smoking too much marijuana or tobacco to masturbating in excess or engaging in too much sex. When testosterone levels decline, the body becomes inflamed.

The inflammation is the body’s warning sign that lifestyle changes must be made. For men experiencing these warning signs, a balance in testosterone is a must.

Balanced Once Again

Men who want to regain their sex drive, quell the inflammation and stymie the mood swings, Shilajit may be the answer. Found peppered throughout the Himalayas, Shilajit helps impede the aging process by acting as a natural testosterone booster for men. Containing over 75 different chemical complexes, including amino acids and antioxidants, Shilajit is know to help men by:

  • Enhancing the permeability of cell membranes
  • Ridding toxins in the liver to improve testosterone production
  • Quell pain associated with hormone depletion
  • Balance hormones during sexual exhaustion
  • Improve erectile capacity

For men suffering from any number of testosterone imbalances, Shilajit proves to be a godsend. When collated with other testosterone-enhancing herbs, Shilajit can showcase its power.

Shilajit is also an important component in these formula:
What to get
Shilajit - 90 tabs (Banyan Botanicals)*****

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Shilajit Crystals Wildcrafted - Asphaltum,1 oz (Bazaar of India)*****

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Bulk HerbsShilajit
Shilajit Powder - Asphaltum, 8 oz (Bazaar of India)*****

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Bulk HerbsShilajit
Shilajit - 60 vegicaps (Bazaar of India)*****

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