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Am I Cursed With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Learn about the signs, symptoms, and causes of PCOS…And what you may do to quell your ovarian troubles.

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I don't know what's wrong with me. I have been looking all around the web and at all sorts of books to find out what is wrong with me but there is still no answer. I stopped having a period last year, and when I went to the doctor they gave me birth control pills. After taking these for a while my period came back to normal, but I started experiencing other symptoms so I stopped taking birth control to stop those symptoms. My body is completely clean of birth control, and this still continues. I think it might be PCOS according to what I have read but I don't know. Is there anything to treat this problem besides birth control or medicine that will give me further problems?


Polycystic ovary syndrome, or Stein-Leventhal Syndrome, is a female health condition that directly affects a woman's ovaries. It is identified by polycystic ovaries, which are cysts that develop within the ovaries.

Just The Facts

These cysts tend to create irregular, or no menstrual periods, inconsistent ovulation, and a higher than necessary volume of androgens in the body. Androgens are male hormones, which women produce as well in smaller portions. This is typically why women with PCOS usually have problems getting pregnant.

Signs and symptoms of the condition usually start to become noticeable during a woman's late adolescence and their early adulthood. Some common symptoms include, but are not limited to; Acne, hair loss, weight gain, complete loss of a menstrual cycle, and pelvic pain.


Polycystic ovaries are ovaries that have a collection of small bead-like cysts around the edge of the ovary. The cysts do not necessarily cause any real harm, however they are usually a clear indicator of something else that is wrong. Generally during each menstrual cycle multiple eggs develop within each ovary. Eventually the "dominant" egg will be released during the process of ovulation. Those other less-dominant eggs will shrink back down into the ovary, creating the bead-like cysts that surround the ovary. They are really just eggs that were never released.

The Causes

Unfortunately, the exact cause of PCOS has not yet been pin pointed. However, experts have widdled the possibility pool down to several theories. At the top of the possibility list is genetics. It is actually very common for a woman who suffers from the syndrome to have a mother or sibling that also has PCOS.

Another theory is hormonal imbalances. Why these types of hormonal problems emerge is still unclear. Some experts believe that the problem originates within the ovary itself. Others say that it has something to do with the part of the brain that controls hormonal production. Some doctors have even speculated that an insulin resistance is what triggers these hormonal changes.

How To Fix It

Whatever the case may be, the healthiest choice to rectify this sort of health syndrome is to look to more natural cure sources. Herbs such as Maca are great hormonal balancers, it is also a wonderful natural energy source. Maca serves as a big help to women with PCOS, because of the nutrients it holds that heal weaknesses. (SEE: Natural PCOS Relief Formula) Many women will take liquid maca powder to boost their libido and reduce stress, but it also contains fifty phyotchemicals that are known for balancing out some out of whack hormonal levels.

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