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Keeping it in Check – When Your Semen Has a Mind of its Own

This young stallion has his pick of women but when he finally gets them in the sack, he’s a no-go downstairs. He just can’t hold back his ejaculations and it’s killing his ability to have any long-term kind of arrangements.
Case #:1989

Hey I heard about your informative website through friends and was hoping you could help me.

I’m a guy in my early 20s and I’m pretty studly by all accounts. I mean, if I can’t hook up with a chick in a club then no one can. Even though it’s easy for me to get laid, when I am banging these chicks I bust a nut too soon.
I do masturbate several times a day. Does that have anything to do with it? Help me, I’m really stressing out about this!
Kim worked at one of the hottest Asian nightclubs in the city. He’d worked his way up from club promoter to general club manager within a short period of time. He had it all; looks, the gift of gab, money, flashy clothes, and an even flashier smile.
Girls (or rather club hoochies) would swoon over him every time he would make a well-timed, brash appearance on one of the club’s multiple dance floors. He’d be able to pick his choice of chick (or chicks), and make sure that if he didn’t bring them backstage for some hanky-panky, he’d at least get in contact with them later.
Under the Mask

Although Kim appeared to have things going for him in a big way, he held a dark secret. Banging hot chick after hot chick was easy for him, but keeping them was an entirely different matter. That was because due to both the stress that his job demanded, plus his general lack of focus, Kim wasn’t able to hold his ejaculations in check.
Big bummer for him.
Pop Goes the Penis

Let’s face the facts, not being able to last that long in the sack is one of (if not the most) pet peeves that will send a woman into DEFCON-4. No sooner will you be your clothes off than you will be putting them back on, if you have a premature ejaculation problem. And don’t you dare develop this problem if you are married. Soon, you’ll probably notice your wife will start coming home later and later at night due to “overtime” at work, or some other BS.
A poor diet, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and yes; stress and also performance anxiety can all be responsible for a man losing his control over his ejaculatory nerves and parasympathetic nervous system. When that happens, a man can splooge his load before he even gets into a good sex session.
Herbal Healing

Although premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions that men can suffer from, thankfully it’s also one of the easiest to reverse. Taking a potent botanical mixture infused with Passion flower can help to not only restore proper erection strength, but also actually increase it. (SEE: Passion Flower for Controlled Ejaculation)
Herbal mixtures can help you to:

  1. Relax muscles & increase blood flow
  2. Re-strengthen your ejaculation reflex arc
  3. Promote calm and peaceful sleep cycles for a reduction in stress levels
  4. Re-regulate your hormonal levels

So spare yourself the embarrassment and agony of being considered “less than a man” and get your all-natural remedy today!

What to do

Put an End to P.E. with Passion Flower

Jared had a healthy sex life. He got to party with supermodels and pageant queens.

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