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Impotence - Caused by High Blood Pressure Drugs

Millions of people live with high blood pressure. Blood vessels, as with balloons and tires, can only sustain so much pressure before being damaged. Blood pressure measures the force in which blood presses against the blood vessel walls. If the pressure is too high, individuals can suffer from other fatal diseases and conditons as well, including heart failure, heart attack, coronary artery disease and stroke. Men who suffer from high blood pressure often take medication to control the condition. However, the medication can cause some unwanted side effects: including impotence.

Note: ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme); ARB (angiotensin-receptor blocker) CCB (calcium channel blocker) [1]
The Dangers of Blood Pressure Medication

Unfortunately, many high blood pressure medications have been linked to erectile dysfunction. This intolerable side effect makes it hard for a great deal of men to want to stay on their prescription program. It’s like making them have to choose between saving either their life or their penis! Some urologists would even recommend penile implants as a solution for hypertension patients. 

There are many natural ways, such as diet & exercise, to lower blood pressure. Consult your doctor before starting or stopping any blood pressure medication. Blood pressure could begin to rise again if you stop taking the medication abruptly and may result in death.

It is also crucial to manage your blood pressure by making a lifestyle change. To reduce high blood pressure avoid smoking, eat a whole foods diet, control your salt intake, limit your daily alcohol intake, maintain a healthy weight, exercise with regular & moderate activity, and take effective supplements. 


Common High Blood Pressure Medications

  • Diuretics - also called water pills, flush excess water and sodium from the body, thus lowering blood pressure.
  • Beta blockers reduce nerve signals to the heart and blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure.
  • ACE inhibitors help blood vessels relax by blocking the production of a hormone that causes blood vessels to narrow.
  • Angiotensin II receptor blockers allow blood vessels to widen by preventing a hormone called angiotensin from affecting vessels.
  • Calcium channel blockers prevent calcium from going into heart and blood vessel muscle cells, thus causing the cells to relax, which lowers blood pressure.


Benefits of Fish Oil

In 1970 only 3.5 percent of Greenland's indigenous population died of heart disease. Thanks to a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, the indigenous population went unscathed from problems of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Thanks it capacity to reduce aged arteries, lower high blood pressure and elevate nitric oxide levels, a key chemical for erectile capacity, Omega-3 serves as an essential component to Nature's Gift for Healthier Heart and Better Love Life. When mixed with natural testosterone boosters such as Cnidium and Epimedium, men can see improved erectile strengthen and lowered blood pressure.


  1. ^National High Blood Pressure Education Program. The sixth report of the Joint NationalCommittee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure. Arch Intern Med. 1997;157:2413-46.
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