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Pain In The Back From Beating The Front

Here's an 18-year-old guy who's been masturbating to the point where he suffers lower back pain. He's smart enough to connect that with his excessive masturbation and has started treating himself with external heat, but wants to know how effective the treatment will be... as well as what it will do to his sex drive. Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if you're in similar straits.

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Hi!I am 18 years old and I am having lower back pain due to over masturbation. I use infra red lamp on my lower back. How much will it help and what effect will it have on my libido. Thank you.


Masturbation is a very popular, effective and cheap method of relieving stress. However, much like taking too much ibuprofen could lead to serious liver damage, excessive masturbation can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Pain and Suffering, But Why?

Lower back pain in individuals with no medical history of back problems like sports-related injuries or consistently poor posture could be a sign of adrenal exhaustion. This article has a list of potential complications of sexual exhaustion, listed in the order of severity; note that lower back pain appears in the two most severe categories. Practical upshot? You're in lots of trouble.

Sexual Biochemistry

Orgasms are the result of dumping a lot of different chemicals into your bloodstream and brain. The problem is that your body's ability to manufacture the “fun” chemicals (like testosterone, neurotransmitters like dopamine, and adrenalin) drops off far more rapidly than does its ability to manufacture stress hormones like cortisol and prostaglandin e-2.

Your back pain stems, at least in part, from your adrenal glands being pushed to produce and release those chemicals when it no longer has enough raw materials to build them. The fact that they are also not completely recovered from previous demands contributes; try asking a chef after she's been awake for 24 solid hours to whip up a fancy dessert and see if you like the results, especially if it's the exact same dessert she's been producing during that time. She's likely running out of raw ingredients, clean pots and pans, and patience.

You should also be aware that, because your back pain is caused by a chemical imbalance as opposed to muscle pain, applying a heat lamp will really only reduce your discomfort while it's actively focused on you; the chemicals are still in your bloodstream, and will continue to cause irritation and therefore pain after the heat lamp is removed.

Rest and Recovery

The obvious first response is simple: cut your sexual activities down as much as possible, starting immediately and lasting for at least three weeks. It sounds difficult, and it can be, but that is the real source of your back pain. Any and all attempts to ease your suffering that does not include reducing the strain on your adrenal glands are doomed to failure.

You should also discuss your situation with your health-care provider, who can monitor your recovery process and make informed recommendations about changes in diet; this will help your liver regenerate faster, and filter the excess stress hormones and other “waste” substances out of your bloodstream more efficiently.

We strongly encourage you to exercise more often, to build up your testosterone levels naturally; if you practice tai chi or yoga, you can use a simple yoga sequence to alleviate your back pain almost anywhere. If you have access to a yoga ball, there is an additional yoga pose that can be quite effective. While you explore these options, you should also consider using an herbal supplement designed specifically to assist your body in recovering from the stress. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Combating Back Pain)

It may seem like a poor trade: reducing your sexual activities in exchange for reducing or eliminating your back pain. But look at it in the long-term: in decreasing the quantity of sex, you'll be able to focus on improving the quality. You and your partner will quickly see an improvement in your performance (particularly if you incorporate a highly effective technique to stimulate a large number of the erogenous zones in her vagina), and allowing yourself time to recover between sessions will allow you to enjoy a far greater number of them than you would have otherwise.

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