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1, 2, 3...Finished – The Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Learn the three common causes of premature ejaculation, and find out what you can do to take control of the situation.

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I came across this website and I would like to share my problem to see if I get a suggestion to help me. I have been suffering from premature ejaculation for about a year, almost two now. It is either the tip of my penis or the shaft that is too sensitive which is not helping me last during sex or it might be nervousness. Could it be because of excessive masturbation in the past? Is there anything I can take to help me solve my premature ejaculation problems? How long does something like this take?


So many possible causes, so little time. Premature ejaculation is a major intimacy killer, and unless you have mind-blowing tongue skills, it's likely to leave your partner feeling dry, cranky and unfulfilled. So your frustration is understandable, and your theories all have merit. Hypersensitivity, over-masturbation and nervousness are all key causes of P.E., but let's take a look at them individually (no, I'm not saying that we're going to look at premature ejaculation; that would be gross).

Penile Sensitivity

Some people are inherently more sensitive than others. Of course, this is the least likely cause of your problem, but it's still worth addressing. Fortunately there are herbs available (like Gardenia, for instance) which strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system for reduced sensitivity, but it's also worth nothing that ultra-sensitivity can quite often be the result of hormonal imbalances stemming from over-masturbation. So even if there's some truth to the sensitivity theory, there's still a deeper underlying issue to look at...


...which brings us to the subject of over-masturbation. Yeah, it's an uncomfortable topic to discuss, because it implies that it's actually possible to masturbate too much (heaven forbid), and because it invokes images of Kleenexes sticking to wet penises, but we're going to discuss it anyway. Over-masturbation places tremendous stress on the prostate, ultimately leading to inflammation. As a result, the ejaculation valve weakens, and before your know it, you're leaking semen worse than a loose pipe in a college dorm shower.


Finally, we have the issue of anxiety. Those jittery nerves can definitely be used against you, as your body begins to release excess stress hormones. Your parasympathetic nervous system becomes compromised, and your reproductive system responds with fight-or-flight urgency. To put it simply, your nervousness is sending danger signals to your brain, and your body is responding by “finishing the job” as quickly as possible, so as to flee from the perceived danger.

Time to Reclaim Control

Chances are, your symptoms are related to all of the above. I'm going to recommend an herbal remedy formulated with Os Draconis (for nerve relief), Schisandra (for improved blood flow to the penis) and Mucuna Pruriens (for improved erection control), along with a variety of similar herbs. (Try: Natural Formula for Premature Ejaculation & Ejaculatory Nerve Health) Give the herbs a bit of time to take effect, and take it easy on the masturbation. Finally, when you do find yourself in the throes of ecstasy, just try to relax and enjoy the moment (which, hopefully, will last more than a moment...).

What to do

Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation

Stop premature ejaculation caused by a leaky penis, over masturbation and performance anxiety issues. If you notice your endurance levels declining, it may be time to put a stop to your issues now.

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