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Is it possible to overcome your erectile dysfunction without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals? Yes it is. Find out how you can restore that spring in your step, naturally.

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I've been suffering from erectile dysfunction on and off for several years. When I was younger, I could get really hard erections and go for a really long time. Now I experience few erections, and when I do, they don't last long. I've tried ED drugs, but I'm not comfortable taking medications over the long haul. Can you recommend any natural approaches? Thanks in advance?


When it comes to your health, it's always a good idea to stay as close to nature as possible. After all, prescription pharmaceuticals seldom address the real underlying cause (this is especially true of ED medications), and it's astonishing to see just how many side effects can make their way into a single drug.

We've all seen the commercials. “Struggling with constipation? Take Drug X! Side effects may include diarrhea, incontinence, anal leakage, headaches, back aches, chest pains, leprosy and blindness. Stop taking Drug X if you develop reptile scales.” It's truly astonishing that anyone who spend their money on these products.

Fortunately, there are numerous herbs that treat impotence and weak erections without the need for dangerous drug cocktails. For example, Cuscuta can improve the firmness of your erections by increasing nitric oxide production in your body, while Butea Superba promotes increased blood flow to the penis.

Then there's Sarsaparilla Jamaican, which increases your testosterone level, and Curculigo, which is known to enhance sexual function overall. These are just a few examples of the natural remedies out there, but it's also important that we address the possible causes for your dysfunction, in order to ensure that all of our bases are covered.

Sexual Dysfunction 101

Weaker erections can be a natural consequence of getting older. Research shows that men start to experience declines in testosterone around age 30, and for all we know, this may very well be the case here. But there are lifestyle habits that can also contribute to your problems, and we want to make sure you aren't shooting yourself in the foot. After all, you can put ice on a burning hand, but it won't do you much good if you keep playing with matches (forgive the bad metaphor).

So, do you masturbate frequently? If so, you might want to cut back. Constant masturbation depletes your testosterone and drains your body of important neurotransmitters like serotonin and acetylcholine. Does your diet frequently involve a fast food drive-thru window? If so, you might want to trade the ground beef for an occasional salad. High cholesterol can actually cause sexual dysfunction by constricting blood flow inside your body.

Do you drink a lot? Use drugs (pharmaceutical or otherwise)? Smoke cigarettes? All of these issues can cause sexual dysfunction, so if you do decide to take the herbal route, I would encourage you to adopt healthy lifestyle habits as well (assuming you haven't already done so).

Finding the Right Herbs

Early on I mentioned some of the most useful herbs for the natural treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you want to get the best effect, I would recommend an herbal remedy that contains a combination of these remedies (SEE: botanical remedy for weak erection). Before long, you'll be saluting the flag like never before

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