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Natural Hot Flashes Relief Solution

Health care experts believe Black Cohosh contains natural phyto-compounds that can effectively mimic estrogen in the human body. More current research has placed Black Cohosh among the healing herbs that contain ingredients that influence the serotonin receptors in the hypothalamus, producing hormones to regulate body temperature and providing relief from hot flashes. [1]

Dong Quai & Friends

Because Dong Quai & Dioscorea help influence serotonin, a

hormone produced by the body to elevate mood, the herb can

help menopausal women impede mood swings and reduce irritability.

Dong Qui, known to help modulate and soothe steep hormonal fluctuations,

remains known as the "female ginseng" - because it does not directly

function as an estrogen hormone booster. Instead,  Dong Quai reacts with

other potent herbs such as Cornus (Dogwood), Dioscorea, Mexican Wild

Yam, Paeonia Suffruticosa, and Pueraria Mirifica in synergy to fine-tune

female hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and FSH.

TCM Formulation

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these adaptogenic herbs

enhance bioenergy channels in menopausal women who suffer from multiple

menopausal symptoms. In the past, when herbs were scarce in poor

villages, women would consume Dong Quai and Dioscorea while

massaging several acupuncture points in their bodies to relieve hot

flashes and night sweats.

Some pundits believe it is the constant consumption of herbs that explains why Asian women are able to outlive men.

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