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Prothesis Penis Surgeries: Complications and Risks
Most males neglect talking to their doctors about erectile dysfunction. According to studies, 71 percent of men avoid telling their doctors of their E.D. problems because of sheer embarrassment. While most doctors will recommend treating erectile dysfunction with common medications, some men will opt out of these options for a more drastic measure: an inflatable penis.
While an inflatable penis may sound a bit strange, even futuristic, some men discover that an inflatable penis quells the constant need to take a pill to gain an erection. With an inflatable penis, men can pump the shaft to experience an instant erection without the worry of waiting a few hours for the “right moment.”
Beneficial for…
Erectile dysfunction remains a prevalent problem for men; however, operations can implant an inflatable penis to improve erectile strength. And while operations may boast a high success rate, the added risks to prosthetic penile surgeries for sex changes or for the correction of penile injuries can present complications too.
Mechanical Failure
All prosthetic penis surgeries include some type of mechanical device necessary for the inflation of a penis. Failures can include a breakage to rods or kinks while deflation to the cylinder will require additional surgeries. Surgeons may need to replace mechanical devices that fail during the lifespan of a penis.
Wounds and Infections
The surgery will cause post-operation wounds, and when infections occur, surgeons may need to perform additional operations to remove the device. Meanwhile, males can experience intense pain near the penile glans or scrotum.
Satisfaction Levels
Most men may seem initially happy post-operation; however, as time progresses, the satisfaction with the surgery can deplete because of the constant failure to the device and the increase risk of pain. While an inflatable penis seems extreme, men can find alternatives, including supplements or exercises that improve the erectile strength for a man. 

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