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Personal Massage 101: The Huiyin Energy Point Controls Sexual Release, and Proper Massage Yields Surprising Satisfaction
As an actor in adult movies, Eliot knows sex. He knows positions, techniques and tricks for the camera. He also knows his work isn’t all it seems to be.
Trials of Starring in Pornography
“The adult film industry demands actors and actresses be in great physical shape,” he says. “However, after filming a shot four or five times in a row, my penis isn’t always ready for another go-round. It needs a rest, and so do I.”
Like most in his trade, Eliot once relied on sex toys to stay hard. He namely used a penis pump for big erections during filming. It also aroused him when he felt fatigued or dreaded another long shoot.
An Unexpected Problem
Not long ago, Eliot started relying on the penis pump with greater frequency. The rapid pace of scheduling strained his body, and he needed a daily boost to get through monotonous hours. But repeated use brought unwelcome effects.
“I noticed swelling around the head of my penis that felt squishy,” he says. “A producer told me it was lymphatic fluid that would go away when I climaxed. Nobody on the set seemed worried, and the swelling made me look even bigger on camera, so I brushed aside my concerns.”
Soon after, Eliot lost erection quality and could only get semi-hard, even after using the pump. He then noticed his penis felt slightly numb. The last straw came when he stopped achieving erections altogether, both on and off the set.
“My agent sent me to a doctor who’s worked with other adult film stars. Use of the pump had caused nerve and tissue damage in my penis. This is one of the dangers in using it.”
Sexual Enlightenment
As Eliot learned about the risks of his profession, he also became a student of alternative healing techniques. “I became interested when a woman I worked with told me about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and tantric sex. One has nothing to do with the other, but I wanted to learn more.”
Tantric sex is an approach to enlightenment. Many associate it with hours of lovemaking, and when practiced right, it can lead to this. But the real goal is to dissociate orgasm from ejaculation so practitioners enjoy a heightened state of bliss during all parts of sex.
“I learned how to pay attention to my partner during sex, to be in the moment and listen to her breathing and moaning,” Eliot says. “Tantric sex also benefitted my professional career - the performances I gave the camera became even hotter.”
A Technique Good Enough for Pros
Practitioners of tantric sex learn how to control their sexual responses so they climax when they want. One way to do this is with Huiyin Massage. Many Eastern cultures recognize Huiyin as the gateway for sexual energy. (TRY: Huiyin Massage for Stronger & Bigger Erections) Located between the anus and scrotum, the Huiyin point opens during ejaculation and closes immediately after. If a man repeatedly ejaculates, he depletes his energy levels and becomes exhausted.
Huiyin Massage also corrects sexual problems like loss of erection quality and excessive pre-cum. Again, it balances energy levels and teaches self-control, two qualities necessary for optimal sexual health.
“Tantra and TCM both recognize Huiyin,” Eliot says. “I learned to massage this energy point on my own body, and the results blew me away. I no longer needed a penis pump to stay hard because I could control my own sexual responses. Even better, the massage rejuvenated my energy flow and completely healed my penis. My career is going great, and my sex life is the best it’s ever been.”
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