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Penile Paranoia - What's Wrong With His Smelly Dong?
Janet sat in her apartment looking blankly out of the window; she was talking to her friend Lisa on the phone.
“What do you think it is?” Lisa queried from the line.
“I don’t know, but whatever it is it stinks like a sewer,” Janet answered.
“Well maybe it’s some sort of weird STD that is eating away at his cock,” Lisa offered.
There rest of the conversation followed a similar tone with Lisa assuming that it was an STD and filling Janet’s head with paranoid theories. By the time that Doug pulled his car into her driveway, Janet was in typically highly emotional state. She said goodbye to her friend as he knocked on her front door.
As he entered and greeted her, she didn’t walk over and give him a customary hug and kiss but rather stood eyeing him with slitted eyes as she clenched her jaw.
“So what’s going on with you, Doug?” she asked.
“What do you mean?” Doug looked mystified.
“Why does your dick smell?”
“It does?”
“Oh come on; I mean I know you like seafood, but having a cock that smells like an old fish stick is taking it a little too far!” Janet walked up and pointed a finger in Doug’s face. “Who are you cheating on me with?”
“What the…? Have you been talking to one of your ‘friends’ again?”
Doug smiled slyly. “So does this mean that you don’t want to taste my tartar sauce anymore?”
Janet stormed off and slammed her bedroom door behind her. Doug took this as a cue and left.
Doug had noticed a slight smell coming from his penis and so went to the doctor to get checked out. When the results came back negative, he wondered what the cause of the stench had been which had ruined his relationship with Janet.
Overlooking the Obvious
What Doug was missing was that he wasn’t cleaning his penis properly when he washed himself. This isn’t rare, as many men typically forget to clean their navels, feet, and yes; penises. What can happen as a result of improper penile hygiene is that dead skin, old sperm, and bacteria, can collect and fester on your penis, resulting in reeking like one of those old stinky, rotting, cheese logs. So how can you guys out there who are experiencing this problem get some help? And how do you girls who are seeing guys with this problem talk to them about it?
A New Lease on Your Piece
If you feel as though your smell problem might be something more serious, such as a yeast infection or urinary tract infection (UTI), then by all means consult a doctor and get a checkup.
Make sure that you are properly washing your penis by observing the tips below:
  • Wash your penis with gentle hand movement using an all-cotton washrag
  • Use a non-perfumed anti-bacterial soap
  • After washing, make sure you completely dry your penis in order to prevent bacteria from proliferating
Most men need additional help, however, and taking a potent herbal solution can be just what they need. (SEE: Natural Herbal Blend for Penile Stench Removal) These botanicals can not only help to balance the pH levels within your prostate, but can also improve your liver and kidney function, which promotes the detoxification of the entire body. In addition, they can help to alleviate the metabolic factors which lead to the accumulation of harmful additives which cause dead skin and bacteria build-up. All of these factors can result in the complete elimination of penile smells in just a few weeks.
A stinky penis problem can be tackled; all it takes is a little initiative!
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